Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Go!! Ninjas!! Go!!

Go Ninjas Go!!! We screamed yelled and cheered our little Ninja on!! haha! We went up to St. George this past weekend to get my hair done and we stayed for the whole weekend! So fun to see my most amazing sister!! There's nothing like sisters!! Just love being around her!! So fun!! Loved seeing my sweetest little nephews and most perfect little niece! Penny's highlight of the whole weekend is just being with her Zane!! We even got see him play soccer!! The Ninjas came home with their 1st WIN with Zane scoring most all their GOALS!!! Go Zane Go!! He played so hard with so much passion! and we cheered and screamed with so much passion! haha!! Penny was just a doing all her cheers that she has been learning at her Cheer class at her school!!!A much needed and wanted sister bond weekend!!! Love you sissy slus and your beautiful family!!

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