Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day Fun!

Christmas day is always a busy day visiting family! but we love it and wouldn't change our day for anything! We got up the kids saw what Santa brought them! We did our little Christmas fun at our house opening presents and seeing their priceless faces as they opened each surprise! Then it was off to Grandma DeeDee's and Grandpa Fadi's for our breakfast tradition! We love being around family! Had a wonderful time! We spent most the day there! Kids played with their cousins, we talked and laughed and then we all watched trolls! Then it was off to Grandpa Jeff's and Grammy Vicki's for amazing yummy dinner! It was like Thanksgiving all over again! So good! We had a great time visiting and laughing! Our sweet little kids were so good as we went from house to house gone all day! They couldn't wait to get home to play with all their new toys!! Such a wonderful blessed day! Merry Christmas!

The Merriest Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!! It's been a busy December with Penny's performances, to Chad being slammed at work and for me going to too many baby Dr. appts and here it is...Christmas has come and gone so fast! We had a wonderful  day!! These two cuties must have been good all year! Boy were they spoiled with so many  fun surprises! Evan Santa was way too good to them! :) So much to be grateful for! We are truly blessed!
Here's sweet little Penny with her Santa surprises and candids opening her presents! She's such a sweet little girl! So sensitive and giving to others!  Such a great big sister!
and here's wild little Cash's surprises from  Santa and candids of him opening his  presents! He's such a wild child all boy and can  be so sweet just loving on you an giving you kisses! He must tell us a hundred times a day "I love you momma!" "I love you daddy!" A tender soul with an aggressive wild streak! lol
Just a little update on Piper Rae! We will be ringing in the New Year with our new sweet baby girl! Her c-section date is sched for Tues Jan 3, 2017!! We can't wait to get her here!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our Little Singing Star!

Oh how we love this time of year! It's a busy time of year but so fun when we get to see our little diva perform! No better way to get you in the Christmas spirit than to watch Penny perform Christmas Songs! She had 3 Christmas Performances with the Singer's Company! We sure love Singer's Company! It's been such a fun thing that Penny has been a  part of since she was 3yrs old! She just loves it!
The top 2 collages are from her 1st Christmas performance down at Town Square! Santa even came out and watched them perform!!
The next 2 collages are from her 2nd performance at the Retirement home! It's tradition they perform there!! They sure do loves the girls!
These last 2 collages is from her 3rd and final performance for the Christmas season! They sang for their family and friends! Penny sure comes alive when she gets up on stage!! We sure love watching her perform! Makes me so proud to be her mom! 
Thanks to  all our family that came out and watched her at all her different performances! She sure loves looking out in the crowd and seeing all the people that love her! Thank you for loving her! Merry Christmas!

Penny's Christmas Performance at School!

Penny and all the 1st graders put a cute little Christmas singing performance! Penny loves to be on stage and perform! She also loves going to school with her cousins! I love it too!

Christmas at Dad's!

We love getting together with family! Last Saturday we enjoyed a lovely day with my dad and my siblings! Always great food and much laughter! We sure love you daddy! Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

So much fun seeing Santa! We love Santa!!! This Cash's was first year he didn't cry sitting up on Santa's lap! The kids were both so excited! Cash told Santa he wanted a Big Bike, Big Lego and Big Gun! Penny asked for an American  Girl Doll! We went down to the Opportunity Village to see Santa and all the lights! So much to do when you're there! Such a great way to get us into the Christmas spirit! It's become a tradition  we do with Chad's mom and family! So much Fun!!