Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our 2 Peas In A Pod!

My 2 little peas in a pod! My baby boy has just turned 21mons!! He's all boy and I'm not sure how ready I am for that!! He has discovered the potty and that's one of his new words along with "pee", "poop", "bum", "diaper", "mine" "apple". Along with learning new words this last month he also has figured out how to take his diaper off and as soon as you put a new one on he takes it right off! The worst is when I put him down for his nap and I hear him in his room 20mins later when I know he's supposed to be sleeping and come to find out he has taken off his diaper and peed all over his room and bed just loving it!! Such a boy! Ugh! More messes for mommy to clean up!! haha! So I remember what my sister had to do with my nephew...the "duck tape magic" method!! haha That's right....we duck tape his diapers on so he can't get them off! haha He's finally getting some teeth!! He's only had 4 teeth total but this last month he is getting his upper and lower laterals and upper 1st molars. My kids are so on the late show with their teeth! haha! He's still my little climber busy boy!!
Onto my big girl Penny!! She's 4 1/2 going on 14!! She's so smart!! She just gets it!! I teach and tell her something 1 time and she just gets it!! That makes things really easy for me!! Cash will be my hard one! haha! She really strives to never disappoint us! She's such a good girl!! Makes us so proud! At school she has started to read books! That's right my little 4 yr old is reading! I can't believe it! She has already passed off 3 books and is half way through her 4th book! She is super determined to do her best and really just loves school and loves to learn! I hope this sticks with her forever!! :) She loves being rewarded (who doesn't really! haha) and getting to go shop at target or walmart for a new surprise!! She way into and just loves her American Girl doll (which was mine when I was a little-Molly) and all the accessories of course, barbies, anything frozen, shopkins, and baby dolls right now! Just loves dressing them up, feeding them, changing their diaper, carries along a diaper bag with all her babies needs and even wants her baby in pics with her! She even tells me that her baby doll is my third baby so it's her little sister!! haha  She really wants a baby sister and I'm not so sure about that! haha We're feeling pretty dang good with just our 2 babies for now! :) She loves getting on her Ipad and Iphone and watching YouTube videos! It's crazy how smart these youngsters are with technology!!
We sure are enjoying each stage as our 2 littles grow!! They both makes us so proud!!! We just love our little peas in a pod!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Best Mother's Day!!

Oh my I just LOVE being momma to these 2 sweetest faces!! It's my biggest challenge everyday but my greatest joy!! It's a true blessing to be a mother! To always be in "mom mode" is hard to do some days!! There's pretty much no days off when you're a momma but I honestly wouldn't give it up or change anything about it!! My babies make me so proud to be their mommy!!! At Penny's school they had a mother's day program for all the mom's!! It was the most precious special little program ever! They learned and sang us the sweetest song!! Penny had been working on her "surprise' for me for well over a month in Mrs. McIntyre's class! The reason for the quotes around "surprise" is because of course I wasn't supposed to know about the surprise but she kept dropping hints about her special "surprise" she was making for me!! It was so funny!! She was so excited she couldn't help herself and kept saying "Mommy I can't tell you but... and then that's when she would give me the hint! hahaha! Oh I just love her!!! The cutest!! Back to the program....haha.... after they sang their cute little song about moms then Mrs. McIntyre read the cutest questionnaire that she asked each of the kids about their mom privately! When I sat there listening to what my Penny had said about me it brought tears to my eyes!! She knows her momma pretty dang well!! It made me proud to be her mommy!! I'm honored that both my sweet little spirits were sent to me and they call me "Mom!" 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Disneyland Fun!!!!

Here's the whole crew!! 28 of us were able to come out and play in Disneyland!! This is our 4th year in a row going together!! Chad's dad takes care of all the accommodations! Tickets, Rooms, and fun for the whole weekend!! We are so thankful for this fun memory not only for all of us to be together but to be able to go to Disneyland and California Adventure for the whole weekend!! Thanks Grandpa Jeff! and Thanks to my Honz for the Amazing Awesome Shirts!! We all love wearing the same color because it makes it so easy to spot each other in a crowd of people and we don't loose anyone this way either!! haha! So the 1st day out we were at Disneyland and we were Team Neon Turquoise!
Just love my little family!!! Penny was so excited to be at Disneyland and see the Princess Castle!!
You don't get a lot done with a group of 28 but we sure had a blast just taking our time walking around all of Disneyland!!
Of course I had a blast on all the rides!!! haha! Oh! and so did Penny and Cash!! I must say after Cash went on Pirates of the Caribbean he wasn't quite the same! haha! He would get very nervous as we would get on the ride with him but once we got on and the ride started he did not want to get off!! He would tell us to "go" and point for us to leave as he held himself on the ride not moving!! haha!
These pics are from the parade!! We had a blast!! Penny loved all the floats and characters!! and my Cashy loved all the music!! He was just a fist pumping to the beats! So awesome!! 1st day down and so Amazing!!
2nd day we were up bright and early wearing our brightest Neon Yellow all matching and headed to California Adventure! These pics are from our bus ride!! All 28 of us filled up our very own shuttle bus from the hotel to the park! We loved having our very own bus with just our family!! So fun!! Team Neon Yellow here we come!!! :)
1st stop was the new Frozen section to see Elsa, Anna and Olaf!! Wow that was the highlight for Penny for the whole weekend!! She loved seeing them and they were so cute with her!! Anna loved that Penny was wearing cowgirl boots that were matching hers!! The cutest!
Penny was so into seeing all the characters dressed up!! She loved it and would get so excited to have them sign her little book and get a picture with them!! Now Cash on the other hand...not so much! He was not having it for one second! He would just cry and yell "go!" and put his hand up trying to push the character away! Poor thing! Penny was the exact way at this age! For some crazy reason my babies just don't like the real life characters coming at them! hahaha!
We loved the rides over at California Adventure!! I think Penny and I had more fun at this park riding on the swings, the ferris wheel, goofy's roller coaster, jelly fish ride, little mermaid, bugs land, cars land and then riding them all a 2nd time and 3rd time!! It wasn't too crazy packed with people! That's always a plus!! Day 2 down and was such a blast! Such a wonderful tradition that Chad's dad does for all us!! Being with family making memories is what we love to do!! Can't wait until next year!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Best Birthday Surprise Ever!!

Happy 35th Birthday to me!! My Birthday landed on a Saturday this year and my honz surprised me with a weekend get away with just the 2 of us (plus his assistant Brittany and husband Kyle) kids to San Francisco!!! We both had never been so we were super excited for this fun quick get away weekend adventure! Our friends that came our seriously travel a whole ton! They both as well had not been to San Fran but that doesn't stop them from finding their way around a new town!! We flew out Friday evening and back home Sunday evening! Leaving us with 2 days in San Fran!! and boy did we see it!! We went every where! Wore ourselves out!! :)
Top pics were from Friday night! We landed in San Francisco and it was an icebox!! haha! Super cold, foggy, and rainy!! We drove over to a food truck event for our first stop of the night! The rest of the night we just drove around downtown San Fran checking the town out!
Then we were up bright and early the next day!!! My 35th Birthday!! I still can't believe I'm 35th!! Yikes!! We headed straight into downtown San Fran!! We had to see the "Full House" house, Lombard Street (the crazy winding road), Union Square for shopping, Ate at Super Duper (highly recommended by locals and it was so good), drove on the Golden Gate Bridge (amazing), Pier 39, saw Fisherman's Wharf, ate at Tony's Pizza for dinner and ended my most amazing wonderful best Birthday ever watching the most hilarious Broadway show called "Beach Blanket Babylon!" Such a fun way to end my awesome day in San Fran!
Sunday pics above! This was our last day in San Fran!! So we were up early again like the day before and off like the races! Headed down to Pier 39 to take boat tour under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz! Not as cold on Sunday....perfect weather to get on a boat and cruise! Chad wanted to drive on all the bridges so we were off to the Oakland bridge! When we got over to Oakland we were able to stop in and see how unique and beautiful the Oakland Temple was! The visiting center had a huge room with all glass windows to over look the ocean and San Francisco! So amazing!! Then it was time to head back to the airport to head home!! We missed our babies so much!!
I'm so grateful for the best husband in the world for surprising me to San Francisco! It's so hard for us to get out of town especially with out the kids but it was a much wanted trip for quite sometime!! I love you honz thanks for making turning 35 not so bad!!!