Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Best Birthday Surprise Ever!!

Happy 35th Birthday to me!! My Birthday landed on a Saturday this year and my honz surprised me with a weekend get away with just the 2 of us (plus his assistant Brittany and husband Kyle) kids to San Francisco!!! We both had never been so we were super excited for this fun quick get away weekend adventure! Our friends that came our seriously travel a whole ton! They both as well had not been to San Fran but that doesn't stop them from finding their way around a new town!! We flew out Friday evening and back home Sunday evening! Leaving us with 2 days in San Fran!! and boy did we see it!! We went every where! Wore ourselves out!! :)
Top pics were from Friday night! We landed in San Francisco and it was an icebox!! haha! Super cold, foggy, and rainy!! We drove over to a food truck event for our first stop of the night! The rest of the night we just drove around downtown San Fran checking the town out!
Then we were up bright and early the next day!!! My 35th Birthday!! I still can't believe I'm 35th!! Yikes!! We headed straight into downtown San Fran!! We had to see the "Full House" house, Lombard Street (the crazy winding road), Union Square for shopping, Ate at Super Duper (highly recommended by locals and it was so good), drove on the Golden Gate Bridge (amazing), Pier 39, saw Fisherman's Wharf, ate at Tony's Pizza for dinner and ended my most amazing wonderful best Birthday ever watching the most hilarious Broadway show called "Beach Blanket Babylon!" Such a fun way to end my awesome day in San Fran!
Sunday pics above! This was our last day in San Fran!! So we were up early again like the day before and off like the races! Headed down to Pier 39 to take boat tour under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz! Not as cold on Sunday....perfect weather to get on a boat and cruise! Chad wanted to drive on all the bridges so we were off to the Oakland bridge! When we got over to Oakland we were able to stop in and see how unique and beautiful the Oakland Temple was! The visiting center had a huge room with all glass windows to over look the ocean and San Francisco! So amazing!! Then it was time to head back to the airport to head home!! We missed our babies so much!!
I'm so grateful for the best husband in the world for surprising me to San Francisco! It's so hard for us to get out of town especially with out the kids but it was a much wanted trip for quite sometime!! I love you honz thanks for making turning 35 not so bad!!!  


lauren said...

LOVE all your pics!! san fran is such a great get away we love it there!!

lauren said...

happy birthday!!