Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our 2 Peas In A Pod!

My 2 little peas in a pod! My baby boy has just turned 21mons!! He's all boy and I'm not sure how ready I am for that!! He has discovered the potty and that's one of his new words along with "pee", "poop", "bum", "diaper", "mine" "apple". Along with learning new words this last month he also has figured out how to take his diaper off and as soon as you put a new one on he takes it right off! The worst is when I put him down for his nap and I hear him in his room 20mins later when I know he's supposed to be sleeping and come to find out he has taken off his diaper and peed all over his room and bed just loving it!! Such a boy! Ugh! More messes for mommy to clean up!! haha! So I remember what my sister had to do with my nephew...the "duck tape magic" method!! haha That's right....we duck tape his diapers on so he can't get them off! haha He's finally getting some teeth!! He's only had 4 teeth total but this last month he is getting his upper and lower laterals and upper 1st molars. My kids are so on the late show with their teeth! haha! He's still my little climber busy boy!!
Onto my big girl Penny!! She's 4 1/2 going on 14!! She's so smart!! She just gets it!! I teach and tell her something 1 time and she just gets it!! That makes things really easy for me!! Cash will be my hard one! haha! She really strives to never disappoint us! She's such a good girl!! Makes us so proud! At school she has started to read books! That's right my little 4 yr old is reading! I can't believe it! She has already passed off 3 books and is half way through her 4th book! She is super determined to do her best and really just loves school and loves to learn! I hope this sticks with her forever!! :) She loves being rewarded (who doesn't really! haha) and getting to go shop at target or walmart for a new surprise!! She way into and just loves her American Girl doll (which was mine when I was a little-Molly) and all the accessories of course, barbies, anything frozen, shopkins, and baby dolls right now! Just loves dressing them up, feeding them, changing their diaper, carries along a diaper bag with all her babies needs and even wants her baby in pics with her! She even tells me that her baby doll is my third baby so it's her little sister!! haha  She really wants a baby sister and I'm not so sure about that! haha We're feeling pretty dang good with just our 2 babies for now! :) She loves getting on her Ipad and Iphone and watching YouTube videos! It's crazy how smart these youngsters are with technology!!
We sure are enjoying each stage as our 2 littles grow!! They both makes us so proud!!! We just love our little peas in a pod!!

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