Monday, June 1, 2015

Fun In The California Sun!!

We love love love our tradition to go to the Beach for memorial weekend!! We always go with our same peeps but this year Eryn, Joanna, and Eryka's family came down!! Love having all my family around me!! We had such a blast and of course I took way to many pics!! Beautiful weather the whole weekend with beautiful peeps!!!!
Just love this beach beauty of mine!! She's always camera ready and I couldn't be more happy about that!! She had a blast playing in the sand and ocean all day long!!
Check out this beach bum!! The last time we were at the beach he was a baby and was so sick with the stomach flu!! Not this year!! He was loving that sand!!! Not so much the ocean! He kept saying "cold...cold" but he definitely loved playing in the sand! He's such a busy boy and such a wanderer that thanks to my bff Lauren and Jay they hooked our beach boy up!! We leashed him up!! That's right the most genius invention ever!! Dog leash around his waste attached to a 100 foot rope that was then attached to one of our beach umbrellas!! He could go any where he wanted to go and we didn't have to worry about him getting lost! He wandered to other peoples set ups and we would just tug on the rope an we would come on back!! He could even wander down to the ocean! Seriously this is the only way to go to the beach with a busy wandering toddler that doesn't listen!! hahaha!! I have never enjoyed and relaxed at the beach so much!! In fact I want to just keep him on the rope every where we go!! hahaha!!
Let's just say we can't get enough of our sweet little Enz!!! Eryka's little precious princess is just to die for!! Everything about her is perfection and Penny and I were fighting over who was going to hold her first then next!! hahaha!! My Little's just love their Sweet Enya and I do too!!
These 2 collages are just the rest of the fun pics from the beach and the rest of our weekend down in Cali!!
 We love being with our family!! Such a great tradition we do every year!! Love it!!


lauren said...

im cracking up with with you posted about the rope!! you are hilarious! it is the best invention we need to get it on shark tank asap!!!

Chad & Emylee said...

Yes Lauren! You have too!! It really is the best and I want him on that leash everyday all day!! hahaha!