Monday, June 1, 2015

Penny's Pre-K Gradutaion!

Such a BIG girl here!! Penny has graduated from the best Pre-k class ever!! Bright Beginnings! She sure is going to miss her amazing teacher Mrs. McIntyre!! I'm proud to say she has learned so much!! She has mastered all her letters big and small, letter sounds, and writing them too! She knows lots of numbers and can even write them!! She also is Reading! I can't believe that at 4yrs old my Penny girl is reading!! Such a little smarty!! We couldn't be more proud of her!! She is such a hard worker always striving to do her best and be the best at all she learns and does!! Love this quality in here and I hope she stays this way!! Determined and she just loves to learn!!
  I took these sweet pics of these two before I put Penny in her cap and gown! They are the best of friends!! Little Cashy was so proud of his big sister!!!
These are the fun pics from their graduation program! They were just the cutest up there!! Penny sang her little heart out!! As to be expected...she loves to perform!!! haha!
These pics were also at the graduation! Thanks to all our family that were able to come out and support our little Penny girl!! She was so excited to see each of you and felt so special!! Thank you! We love you all!! and we love you sweet Penny!! Mommy and daddy are so proud of you!! You have worked so hard this year!!! 

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she was the best one there!!