Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stop Growing Cashy!!!!

Ummmmm excuse me.... Stop growing Cashy!!! He just turned 22mons!! He more and more boy each month!! Rough and tough!! Always has a tons of bruises on his shins from climbing....scratches bumps, and scrapes on his chin and head from falling!! but does he slow down....nope...he runs to then next thing to get into!! He's my stinker for sure!! So so so so busy!!!! Always getting into something and it's usually trouble! haha! He loves the water! has no fear!! He watches Penny's every move and will do whatever she's doing!! He's finally got some more teeth in! Here they are...all 4 laterals and both upper first pre-molars! So cutting 6 teeth at one time! Ouch!! He doesn't really ever cry! He just gets nasty! Has a bit of an attitude! haha! and Very stubborn!! but he also can be the sweetest little stinker ever! He loves to hug, kiss, blow kisses, hold your hand, sing, dance, and giggle! He so ticklish! He saying a ton more words also! In fact when I say a word and say to him "say it" he will try his hardest to get that word out!! It's so freakn cute!! He has mastered how to climb out of his crib!! Ugh!! So bedtime and nap time take a little longer to keep him in his room!! He's definitely my favorite little guy!! Love you Cashy the most!!!

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