Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day to the Best!!!

How did I get so Lucky to have this amazing man, husband, father, and best friend to call all mine in my life!! He truly makes everything possible for our little family!! and boy are our kids lucky to have him as their dad!! He's always my happy go lucky guy!! He goes out of his way to make everyone happy! He's just the best! He is an unbelievable father! He seriously is the best with them!! and they sure love their daddy the most!! Happy Father's Day to the best daddy I know! We love you!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Eryn!! We Sure Love You!

 We have had such a fun weekend celebrating so many birthday's! So the day after Emma's fun movie night Birthday party we headed to my dad's for more Birthday fun!! Only this time we were celebrating Auntie Eryn's birthday!! It was a special treat that my sister Eryka was able to come down from St George and bring her sweetest little family to play with us!! These are the fun pics from our Saturday hanging poolside! Such a awesome day all together with family and friends!! We sure love you Auntie Eryn!! So happy you live here in town!! Many more Fun Pool times ahead!!!! We sure hope you had the best Birthday!! 

Happy Happy Birthday Emma!!!

I can't believe my sweetest little niece Emma turned 5!! That just means Penny will be 5 next and real soon too!! Oh my!!!We sure do love our Emma girl!! Penny and her are the Best of Friends!! They love playing together and always get along too!! These are the pics from her fun birthday party!!! Pizza, cupcakes, cookies and presents was just the start to Emma's fun birthday party!! After Emma's house we headed to the see the new Disney movie Inside Out at the drive inn!! I had never been and wow was it fun!! The kids loved it too!! We had such a blast being with Emma on her special Birthday day!! We love you Emma and thank you for always being such a kind sweet, sweet girl!! Penny sure loves her bff!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stop Growing Cashy!!!!

Ummmmm excuse me.... Stop growing Cashy!!! He just turned 22mons!! He more and more boy each month!! Rough and tough!! Always has a tons of bruises on his shins from climbing....scratches bumps, and scrapes on his chin and head from falling!! but does he slow down....nope...he runs to then next thing to get into!! He's my stinker for sure!! So so so so busy!!!! Always getting into something and it's usually trouble! haha! He loves the water! has no fear!! He watches Penny's every move and will do whatever she's doing!! He's finally got some more teeth in! Here they are...all 4 laterals and both upper first pre-molars! So cutting 6 teeth at one time! Ouch!! He doesn't really ever cry! He just gets nasty! Has a bit of an attitude! haha! and Very stubborn!! but he also can be the sweetest little stinker ever! He loves to hug, kiss, blow kisses, hold your hand, sing, dance, and giggle! He so ticklish! He saying a ton more words also! In fact when I say a word and say to him "say it" he will try his hardest to get that word out!! It's so freakn cute!! He has mastered how to climb out of his crib!! Ugh!! So bedtime and nap time take a little longer to keep him in his room!! He's definitely my favorite little guy!! Love you Cashy the most!!!

Baby Enya's Special Blessing day!!

We had such a lovely weekend!! Baby Enya Grae was blessed!! She is so perfect that I think she could be fake! haha! She such a little dolly and my kids just adore her! She seriously is the most beautiful baby ever!! I just love her and I really love when I get to see her and love on her!! Her blessing dress looked like my sister's wedding dress just in baby form!! Gorgeous!! Such a special blessing was given to her on her very special blessing day!! We love you baby Enya!! We are obsessed with You!!!

Gone Fishing!!!

Oh how we love the chance to go fishing!! We love spending time with family!! Such memories are made!! and boy were the Fish biting!! The kids would get so excited as the fishies were brought in!!
So many cute pics while we were out fishing!! Love it!!
Love this family of mine!!!

Our Star Performer!!

Oh how we LOVE Singer's Company!! This is Penny's 2nd year in Singer's Company!! She just Loves it!! She has learned so much this last year!! She just loves to Sing, Dance and just Perform!! She's our BIG Star!! When she gets on that stage she just Shines!! We are so Proud of her!! We are her biggest fans!! Go Penny! Go!!
These are all of the cute little girls in Penny's class!! She loves going to singing practice to see all her little friends!! Penny also loves her teacher Mrs. Brittany!! Mrs. Brittany truly loves each of these girls so much and loves being their teacher!! She totally spoils these girls too!! I don't know how she does it...but she is so good getting all of these wild girls to learn all their songs and dance routines for their amazing performances!! We love you Mrs. Brittany! We will be back next year!! 
The next 4 collages are from her 1st end of year Performance and the Retirement Home! Penny rocked the house! haha! She's so fun to watch!! She's so animated and totally gets into every song she is performs! Just love her!! Makes us Smile so Big when we watch her up on stage!!
Performing "Getting to know You!"
Performing "It's a hard knock life!" She got to announce this song before they sang it!! She loved singing this one!! As you can tell she really was getting into it too!! haha!
Performing "Do Re Mi!" She had her little solo in this one!! She did amazing!!
Of course daddy always surprises her with flowers at the end of every show!! He's the best daddy!! and boy does that make her feel so special ! She loves it!!
The next 4 collage are from her 2nd performance! This is the last performance of the year for her friends and family!! Man did she ever put on a show for them!!! She's seriously the best!!
Performing "Getting to know You!"
They got to perform "It's a hard knock life!" twice for us!! We all loved their amazing show so much they did an encore for us!! haha!!!
Performing "Do Re Mi!" and of course she nailed her solo!!! :)
This pic collage is all our wonderful family that came out to support and watch our Penny girl!! Penny definitely put on the best performance for them! We were all so proud of her up there on stage!! We love you all and Thanks for making Penny feel so special!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Penny's End Of School Year Swim Party!!

These are pics from Penny's end of school year Swim party!! She had such an awesome school year! She has made so many little friends that she just loves!! It's so fun to see her interact with all her little friends! Girls are so silly! haha! She is really hoping that some of her friends are going to her school next year!! We shall see when it's the first day of Kindergarten! I'm hoping for some fun plays dates through out the summer with her little friends just in case they don't go to her school next year!! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Penny's Pre-K Gradutaion!

Such a BIG girl here!! Penny has graduated from the best Pre-k class ever!! Bright Beginnings! She sure is going to miss her amazing teacher Mrs. McIntyre!! I'm proud to say she has learned so much!! She has mastered all her letters big and small, letter sounds, and writing them too! She knows lots of numbers and can even write them!! She also is Reading! I can't believe that at 4yrs old my Penny girl is reading!! Such a little smarty!! We couldn't be more proud of her!! She is such a hard worker always striving to do her best and be the best at all she learns and does!! Love this quality in here and I hope she stays this way!! Determined and she just loves to learn!!
  I took these sweet pics of these two before I put Penny in her cap and gown! They are the best of friends!! Little Cashy was so proud of his big sister!!!
These are the fun pics from their graduation program! They were just the cutest up there!! Penny sang her little heart out!! As to be expected...she loves to perform!!! haha!
These pics were also at the graduation! Thanks to all our family that were able to come out and support our little Penny girl!! She was so excited to see each of you and felt so special!! Thank you! We love you all!! and we love you sweet Penny!! Mommy and daddy are so proud of you!! You have worked so hard this year!!! 

Fun In The California Sun!!

We love love love our tradition to go to the Beach for memorial weekend!! We always go with our same peeps but this year Eryn, Joanna, and Eryka's family came down!! Love having all my family around me!! We had such a blast and of course I took way to many pics!! Beautiful weather the whole weekend with beautiful peeps!!!!
Just love this beach beauty of mine!! She's always camera ready and I couldn't be more happy about that!! She had a blast playing in the sand and ocean all day long!!
Check out this beach bum!! The last time we were at the beach he was a baby and was so sick with the stomach flu!! Not this year!! He was loving that sand!!! Not so much the ocean! He kept saying "cold...cold" but he definitely loved playing in the sand! He's such a busy boy and such a wanderer that thanks to my bff Lauren and Jay they hooked our beach boy up!! We leashed him up!! That's right the most genius invention ever!! Dog leash around his waste attached to a 100 foot rope that was then attached to one of our beach umbrellas!! He could go any where he wanted to go and we didn't have to worry about him getting lost! He wandered to other peoples set ups and we would just tug on the rope an we would come on back!! He could even wander down to the ocean! Seriously this is the only way to go to the beach with a busy wandering toddler that doesn't listen!! hahaha!! I have never enjoyed and relaxed at the beach so much!! In fact I want to just keep him on the rope every where we go!! hahaha!!
Let's just say we can't get enough of our sweet little Enz!!! Eryka's little precious princess is just to die for!! Everything about her is perfection and Penny and I were fighting over who was going to hold her first then next!! hahaha!! My Little's just love their Sweet Enya and I do too!!
These 2 collages are just the rest of the fun pics from the beach and the rest of our weekend down in Cali!!
 We love being with our family!! Such a great tradition we do every year!! Love it!!