Saturday, September 13, 2014

Penny's Special Week!

This silly girl was the 1st student picked to be the Leader of the week!! She was so Excited! She got to pick out and bring all the snacks for all the kids in the class to eat! and her most Important and Favorite part of all week was Helping Miss Lisa!! When you're chosen to be the leader for the week you get to help out Miss Lisa all week long! Miss Lisa made little Penny feel so Special!! Penny truly has just been loving School so much! I'm so grateful for this wonderful experience my Penny girl gets to go through! This year in Pre-K is the foundation of her education!! Thank You Miss Lisa for being so Amazing!! We sure love ya!! and little Penny we are so Proud of You! Keep up the great work and Love for Learning!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Get in My Belly!!!

Yummy for my Tummy was exactly what Cash was doing when he ate his very 1st Ice Cream Cone!! He kept saying "mmmmmmm" "mmmmmm" over and over! He absolutely Loved it!! and of course we Loved watching him eat it too!!!! Let's face it....we Love watching everything he does!!! He's just the best!!!

Big Big Big Boy!!

Our sweet boy is now 13mons!!!! No more growing for you little man!! I just love this sweet boy!! He's super super fast crawling around!! He pulls himself to a stand so fast too!! He will stand all by himself and not hold on to anything but No steps by himself!! If he's holding onto anything he will do those steps!! and he's getting pretty dang good too!! He will walk right up against the wall so he can hold on!! He has figured out he can climb!!! and boy is he my climber!! If you can't find him and you're looking down then you better look up! haha! He loves any toys that light up, make noise or sing songs! He's still just our happiest little guy! He loves to "growl"! He "growls" for all animal sounds! It's so funny especially to Penny!! She thinks it's the funniest thing!! She just loves her little brother! If fact she told me she wants more little brothers and a new baby sister! I said "oh dear...we will have to see about that! Mommy's getting too old!" haha! Somebody got their very 1st TOOTH!!! yay!!! In fact 2 teeth are coming on in!! He's a couple months sooner than Penny getting those teeth! haha! He's been quite the trooper! Not to fussy or grumpy! I'm telling you he's the sweetest, most mild mannered, happy baby!! Even when he's cutting teeth!! He still LOVES food! He eats triple the amount Penny does!! We gave him Peanuts and Ice Cream for the 1st time and he did Great!! No crazy allergic reactions to either!!! yay!!! This makes momma very HAPPY!!! He LOVES to Wave HI to everyone!! He's just so friendly!! Always Smiling! Just our little Flirt! He really is trying to talk and say words!! You can see his little tongue just a moving in his mouth trying to form words! It's so dang cute!! He says "Dadda", "Momma," "Hi", and "Ball" so good! We are just loving this silly, happy, little tease, full of life Cashy boy!!! You make our Hearts so HAPPY!!!

School is Now in Session!

Penny has been waiting for this day for way too long!! She has always LOVED School and wanted to be so much older than she was so she could go to school!! When her cousins would start she would tell them she is going too and she was only 2yrs old! haha! So this has been going on for a few years now!! So with that said her day has finally come!! School is now in session!!! Pre-Kindergarden that is with Miss Lisa! She goes Mon, Wed and Fri from 9-12!! Penny LOVES "Grandma" Miss Lisa! Penny's very best little friend Maddie's grandma is Miss Lisa that's why Penny says she can call Miss Lisa....Grandma Lisa! haha! Penny is just too funny! So class started 2wks ago and she has already learned so much and has done so many fun activities in class! She comes home Singing songs, re-sighting what books they have read, writing the letter of the week, baking, making crafts, and so much more!! I'm truly blessed to have Miss Lisa in Penny's life!! Miss Lisa has a gift with teaching and loving kids so much! She makes each of them feel so special and so important!!! I love it! Penny is loving her School and so am I!! It makes me very happy that my little Penny has always wanted to go to school and learn! I hope this never changes!! We love you sweet Penny pie!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day Fun!!!

For Labor Day we always go down to California to go the Beach but this year we had just moved into our new home and I needed to get unpacked, organized and settled! and then we had a Fun Surprise come into town!!! Eryn and she brought her bestie Joanna! So Eryka and her family came in from St George and we all went to my Dad's for a Swim bbq!! We had a blast all day!! We didn't even get out of the pool all day!! haha!! I love being with my sisters!!! We have the best time together!!
So Eryn's bestie Joanna had to do the Ice Bucket challenge and I just had to share these pics because I caught some good action shots of her! hahah! Just love her!!  But with that said.....
then Zane had to do the Ice Bucket Challenge!.......
and then of course Penny had to do it!!.....
then Zane had to Ice Bucket Challenge Penny!.... and this went on and on and on!! These to littles must have done this challenge 10 times each over and over dumping water on themselves or each other!!! hahaha! They were having so much fun!! and they were cracking us up!!! They thought it was so Funny to do it too!!! So silly!!

Cash's 1st Birthday Party!!

So in between packing up my old house, closing on the new house it was somebodies very special Birthday!!!! Our baby boy turned 1!!!! Can't believe it!! With being such a busy time we thru together his 1st Birthday Party over at Fuddruckers! It was so short notice so thanks to all who came! We invited family and of course Cash's little bff Parker!! They are 6mons apart! Just love them!! Cash loved opening his presents! He had lots of help from his big sister too! :) and in the pic collage below you will see that he LOVED his Cake!!! He was making "mmmmmmmm" sounds as he shoved handfuls into his mouth! He was just cracking us up!
Loving it for sure!! Little Cash we love you so much!! You make us laugh and smile! You bring so much joy to our hearts! You make us so proud!! We love being your parents and can't to see what the future has in store for you!! We love YOU!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Big Birthday Boy!!

Somebody is 1!! We can't believe our little guy is already 1!! How fast did this year go! I hate how fast the time goes because my baby is getting too BIG but what an amazing year watching him grow! All the little things he's learning and doing!! He's not walking on his own yet but he sure knows how to get around fast!! He's still just our happy smiley baby! No teeth yet but no food stops him from eating it!! Since he hit the BIG 1yrs old we were able to move him off his special formula and put him on Soy! He's been doing great! He's even been able to handle dairy if it's cooked! So no ice-cream and yogurt yet but we are so happy he's growing out of this!! At 18mons we will try straight dairy milk! Our sweet little boy has the silly personality! He's still such a tease and has been getting more wild and rough the older he gets!! He's such a boy! It just cracks me up! He loves to play in his food, eat rocks, grass, plants, pretty much anything gross and dirty!! Such a boy!!! Penny would never do such a thing! hahaha! When he wants something he does this scrunch face and snorts and sniffs thru his nose at you! It's the funniest, cutest thing ever! He loves music! When he hears the beats he starts a dancing and singing!! It's so sweet!! I love how both my kids love to sing!!  We love you Cash money!! We are the luckiest parents to have you as our Son!

Home Sweet Home!!

Home Sweet Home!! So we have been a bit busy these last few wks!!! We MOVED!!! We are so excited about our brand New HOME!! This is our 1st home purchased together!!! We are just loving it!! It's off the 215 and Ann! We are going to miss our old ward but look forward to our new one and our new adventures!! It's a 1 story, 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, 2 car garage, 2 RV gates (one on each side of our house), and a huge back yard! We are so Excited to have land!!!!! We have completely moved over and have been so busy getting all organized!! Why is moving such hard work!! Ugh!! So with all that said I've gotten a bit behind on my blog posts!! So I'm now playing catch up!!  
We are just loving our New Home!! It's so open and Spacious!! LOVE IT!!