Friday, September 5, 2014

Big Birthday Boy!!

Somebody is 1!! We can't believe our little guy is already 1!! How fast did this year go! I hate how fast the time goes because my baby is getting too BIG but what an amazing year watching him grow! All the little things he's learning and doing!! He's not walking on his own yet but he sure knows how to get around fast!! He's still just our happy smiley baby! No teeth yet but no food stops him from eating it!! Since he hit the BIG 1yrs old we were able to move him off his special formula and put him on Soy! He's been doing great! He's even been able to handle dairy if it's cooked! So no ice-cream and yogurt yet but we are so happy he's growing out of this!! At 18mons we will try straight dairy milk! Our sweet little boy has the silly personality! He's still such a tease and has been getting more wild and rough the older he gets!! He's such a boy! It just cracks me up! He loves to play in his food, eat rocks, grass, plants, pretty much anything gross and dirty!! Such a boy!!! Penny would never do such a thing! hahaha! When he wants something he does this scrunch face and snorts and sniffs thru his nose at you! It's the funniest, cutest thing ever! He loves music! When he hears the beats he starts a dancing and singing!! It's so sweet!! I love how both my kids love to sing!!  We love you Cash money!! We are the luckiest parents to have you as our Son!

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lauren said...

love him!! sweetest boy!! im glad he is doing good on his milk to!!!