Friday, September 12, 2014

Big Big Big Boy!!

Our sweet boy is now 13mons!!!! No more growing for you little man!! I just love this sweet boy!! He's super super fast crawling around!! He pulls himself to a stand so fast too!! He will stand all by himself and not hold on to anything but No steps by himself!! If he's holding onto anything he will do those steps!! and he's getting pretty dang good too!! He will walk right up against the wall so he can hold on!! He has figured out he can climb!!! and boy is he my climber!! If you can't find him and you're looking down then you better look up! haha! He loves any toys that light up, make noise or sing songs! He's still just our happiest little guy! He loves to "growl"! He "growls" for all animal sounds! It's so funny especially to Penny!! She thinks it's the funniest thing!! She just loves her little brother! If fact she told me she wants more little brothers and a new baby sister! I said "oh dear...we will have to see about that! Mommy's getting too old!" haha! Somebody got their very 1st TOOTH!!! yay!!! In fact 2 teeth are coming on in!! He's a couple months sooner than Penny getting those teeth! haha! He's been quite the trooper! Not to fussy or grumpy! I'm telling you he's the sweetest, most mild mannered, happy baby!! Even when he's cutting teeth!! He still LOVES food! He eats triple the amount Penny does!! We gave him Peanuts and Ice Cream for the 1st time and he did Great!! No crazy allergic reactions to either!!! yay!!! This makes momma very HAPPY!!! He LOVES to Wave HI to everyone!! He's just so friendly!! Always Smiling! Just our little Flirt! He really is trying to talk and say words!! You can see his little tongue just a moving in his mouth trying to form words! It's so dang cute!! He says "Dadda", "Momma," "Hi", and "Ball" so good! We are just loving this silly, happy, little tease, full of life Cashy boy!!! You make our Hearts so HAPPY!!!

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