Friday, September 12, 2014

School is Now in Session!

Penny has been waiting for this day for way too long!! She has always LOVED School and wanted to be so much older than she was so she could go to school!! When her cousins would start she would tell them she is going too and she was only 2yrs old! haha! So this has been going on for a few years now!! So with that said her day has finally come!! School is now in session!!! Pre-Kindergarden that is with Miss Lisa! She goes Mon, Wed and Fri from 9-12!! Penny LOVES "Grandma" Miss Lisa! Penny's very best little friend Maddie's grandma is Miss Lisa that's why Penny says she can call Miss Lisa....Grandma Lisa! haha! Penny is just too funny! So class started 2wks ago and she has already learned so much and has done so many fun activities in class! She comes home Singing songs, re-sighting what books they have read, writing the letter of the week, baking, making crafts, and so much more!! I'm truly blessed to have Miss Lisa in Penny's life!! Miss Lisa has a gift with teaching and loving kids so much! She makes each of them feel so special and so important!!! I love it! Penny is loving her School and so am I!! It makes me very happy that my little Penny has always wanted to go to school and learn! I hope this never changes!! We love you sweet Penny pie!!

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lauren said...

i love that she likes preschool! and so happy my mom teaches her!!so fun!!