Monday, April 20, 2015

Fair Fun!!

 Oh the Logandale Fair!! We love going out and camping with our trailer for the whole weekend every year! It's the best times! Such beautiful weather with beautiful people! haha! We love getting all dressed up in our best Western wear all weekend long!! Penny and Cash both loved the Rodeo so much this year!! Penny was loving all the Rodeo Queens! She would wave and wave at them as they would go by on their horse!! Cash loved all the Animals and loved all the Music! He was fist pumping and dancing to the beats making animal sounds!! Just love these too sugars of mine! :)
 Fun action shots from all the carnival rides while we were out there both days! This is my most favorite part of the fair!! I love the rides! I get an all day pass just like my kids! haha! and we ride pretty much all day with a few food and treat stops in between, naps and the rodeo then it's time to shut the fair down by riding the rides until they close!! That's right...both days after the rodeo Penny, Chance and I would head out for the rides and ride the rides until they stopped letting people on! It was so awesome!! We had a blast!
 My 5yr old nephew Mav did the mutton bustin again this year!! He rocked it! He took 2nd place! He's one tough little boy to go out there and ride those crazy, stinky, dirty sheep! haha! We were so proud of him!! We sure hope he rides the sheep next year!! This has been such a fun tradition that we have done starting with Chance when he was 5yr! He is now 9yr!
It's hard to beat a fair weekend specially with the weather being so good, the kids being good, and the food that's so good....can't wait until next year!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Swim Lessons for Miss Penny!!

As Penny learned to ride her bike with out her training wheels on she said to me "mommy I'm going to be able to swim with out my floaties this year too!" So here we private Swim lessons! and boy is she doing good! So brave out there!! Such a fast learner and so determined!! The water is a little cold but she doesn't seem to mind! She swims her little heart out then gets out of the water with Blue lips and just a shaking from head to toe!!! She has 2 more classes left! So a total of 6 private swim classes for 45mins 2 times a week for $100 at the community leisure center (palo pool)! So proud of my Big girl!! I just love how determined she is!! Once her mind is set at it she will get it done!! We love you Penny pie!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Full of Life Cashy Boy!!!

This guy..........need I say anymore!! He's getting more busy, more stubborn and more naughty each day!!! Our Cashy boy just turned 20mons!! Let's just say this last month he discovered "Time Out"....and quite regularly!! Half the time I don't even have to say "go sit on your bench! (that's his time out spot)" I just give him a look and he goes walking with his head hanging low!! It's hard not to smile and laugh but I can't I have to stay stern and stay on him because boy does he know how to work the system at such a young age! haha! Seriously Penny would have never thought of doing the things he does at his age! hahaha! Not really sure if he gets what "NO" means because he does the complete opposite! By this age Penny was scared of us and if you told her "no" she would never go back to it!! Seriously the best listener!!! This little boy....I mean all boy is a little Chad!! and those that know his daddy know I'm in for some trouble!! haha! He sure does keep us on our toes!! Keeps life exciting if you look at it that way! haha! and we wouldn't change him for the world!! Here's a little more about him this month.....He's talking way more and putting words together that making some sense! He says "here you go", "all done", "helpa" (for help),  "juice peeeesssse", "ding-dong", and "Emma" (my little niece)! He Loves to Fist Pump when he hears the beats! He loves to "pound it" with his fist! In fact he will hold his arm out with his little fist to pound it forever until you pound it! haha! He's just the best! He's totally obsessed with our phones, ipads, and old iphones! He loves to watch videos and gets crazed if you don't give him the phone ect! He thinks he's as big as Penny! We sure do love our full of personality, sassy (as penny would say), crazy, silly, all BOY Cash!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter Sunday!!

On Easter Sunday morning Grandma DeeDee put on a huge breakfast feast!! and then it was onto more Easter egg hunting!! Auntie K surprised all the kids with their very own Easter basket and matching Easter eggs to find out in the grass full of little surprises and candy! My cuties had the best matching Camo Baskets ever!! Penny's was the Pink Camo and Cash's was the Green Camo! I love me some camo!!! haha! Penny had a blast finding all her eggs! She was fast this year too!! Cash on the other hand was still trying to figure it all out!! Plus find the green camo eggs that camouflaged themselves right into the grass, trees, dirt, pretty much everything! haha! So he found it to be much easier if he just opened each egg as WE found it and eat the candy out of it before going onto the next one! haha! He's the best!! Once again my kids were spoiled by their Auntie K and Grandma DeeDee! We all had such a great time! We sure did miss our other lil cousins that were out of town though!
After Grandma DeeDee's house we headed over to Grandpa Jeff's house for an amazing dinner, another Easter egg hunt and swimming!! Let's just say we were pretty Easter egg hunted out after 2 days of hunting eggs!! haha! Had such an enjoyable time sitting poolside talking while both my little fishies swam and swam and swam!! 2nd day in a row that Penny swam without her water wings on!! yaya!! and of course lil Cashy is getting more brave....jumping into the pool, kicking his legs, dunking his face all without an adult in the water with him! Just him and his floaty on! haha! He's crazy!! He thinks he's just as big as the other kids!! Oh my!!and boy was he so sad when it was time to get out to go home!! Such a wonderful day! Thanks for the great times!

Some Bunny Loves These Two!!

Hop! Hop! Bunny! Bunny! Hop! Hop! Rise and Shine on Easter Sunday morning Penny and Cash were excited to find tons of eggs all over the house leading them to their Easter baskets full of Surprises!!!! :) It's the best being a parent and making them so happy it puts the BIGGEST Smiles on their sweetest little faces!! I love it so much it makes me smile so BIG!! haha!
 The Easter Bunny sure spoiled these two!! We hope everyone had a wonderful Happy Easter!

Easter Fun at Grandpa John & Grandma Janeen's House!

 You all know what time it is!!! It's the Money Easter Egg Hunt at my dad's house!! It's been an amazing tradition fro many years that my dad and Janeen take $400 cash and break it down into $20's, $10's, $5's and $1's and put it into eggs! Janeen hides over 200 eggs out in my dad's back yard and we all get to go on the hunt!!! It's a mad dash out the back door! Team Bierstedt came in 2nd place with a grand total of $87 dollars!!! Whoot! Whoot!!! Oh! Yeah! The Heatons took 1st place with over $100 dollars! :) It seriously is the funnest!! Such a great tradition! Thanks dad and Janeen for making it all happen!!
Even Baby Enya Grae got to come down and meet everyone and enjoy her very first Easter!! She was only 4 days old!! My sister Eryka had her 1st baby girl on Wed. April 1st! I still can't believe they came down to spend the day with us!! Such a trooper!! My sister is one tough girl!! Baby Enya Grae was born all natural weighing 8.3lbs and 22in long!! Eryka's biggest baby and she even came 3wks early too!! and yes you really read ALL Natural! My sister is no joke and Crazy! haha! I could never be that tough! No way!! She's so amazing and I'm so proud of her!! We are all so in love with Baby Enya! She is so gorgeous with just tons of thick black hair! The sweetest round face!! Just perfection! She's a beauty for sure! She looks so much like Eryka did when she was a baby!! Penny is absolutely obsessed with Baby Enya and she even calls her...."lil sissy!!"Awe! I just love it!!
After the Money Hunt it was time to swim!! My dad had heated up his pool!! A giant hot tub!! We spent the rest of the day swimming!! Got my Penny pie out of her water wings for the first time!! yay!! and she was swimming great!! As for my baby Cash we can't keep him out of the water!! He loves it!! He has no fear and that scares me.......
Such a lovely Happy Easter at my dad and Janeen's house!! Thank you for spoiling us and your grand kids! We love you Grandpa and Grandma!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brace Yourself!!! These Pics are toooo Cute!!!

Oh my!! These 2 just melt my heart!! I just Love it when I pull the camera out and these 2 precious angels of mine start a posing!! Penny is Perfect of course! She knows just what to do and holds the pose!! Well trained I'd say!! haha! As for Cash he's getting the hang of things! He's so dang cute because he always looks over at Penny to see what she's doing and to make sure she's still there a posing! Then he will keep posing!! I love them so much!! They make me Smile so big and my Heart Burst!! When they're on....they're on! This is what life is about! :)

Penny's Happy Easter Picnic!

Penny had so much fun at her school Easter Picnic at the park! Such great experiences she has had being in Mrs. McIntyre's class! We just love her! There was a surprise visit by the none other than the... Easter Bunny!!! Penny was a little nervous but once she saw all her friends sitting up on his lap she new it was safe to go! haha! But as for Cash....he was not having it for one second! haha! After sitting  on the Easter Bunny's lap it was tine for their Easter egg hut! Penny had a blast! She was so fast this year finding those eggs and getting them into her basket!! Cash even had fun chasing after Penny and helping her open her eggs!! Just loving these fun memories for my kids!