Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter Sunday!!

On Easter Sunday morning Grandma DeeDee put on a huge breakfast feast!! and then it was onto more Easter egg hunting!! Auntie K surprised all the kids with their very own Easter basket and matching Easter eggs to find out in the grass full of little surprises and candy! My cuties had the best matching Camo Baskets ever!! Penny's was the Pink Camo and Cash's was the Green Camo! I love me some camo!!! haha! Penny had a blast finding all her eggs! She was fast this year too!! Cash on the other hand was still trying to figure it all out!! Plus find the green camo eggs that camouflaged themselves right into the grass, trees, dirt, pretty much everything! haha! So he found it to be much easier if he just opened each egg as WE found it and eat the candy out of it before going onto the next one! haha! He's the best!! Once again my kids were spoiled by their Auntie K and Grandma DeeDee! We all had such a great time! We sure did miss our other lil cousins that were out of town though!
After Grandma DeeDee's house we headed over to Grandpa Jeff's house for an amazing dinner, another Easter egg hunt and swimming!! Let's just say we were pretty Easter egg hunted out after 2 days of hunting eggs!! haha! Had such an enjoyable time sitting poolside talking while both my little fishies swam and swam and swam!! 2nd day in a row that Penny swam without her water wings on!! yaya!! and of course lil Cashy is getting more brave....jumping into the pool, kicking his legs, dunking his face all without an adult in the water with him! Just him and his floaty on! haha! He's crazy!! He thinks he's just as big as the other kids!! Oh my!!and boy was he so sad when it was time to get out to go home!! Such a wonderful day! Thanks for the great times!

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