Sunday, April 19, 2015

Swim Lessons for Miss Penny!!

As Penny learned to ride her bike with out her training wheels on she said to me "mommy I'm going to be able to swim with out my floaties this year too!" So here we private Swim lessons! and boy is she doing good! So brave out there!! Such a fast learner and so determined!! The water is a little cold but she doesn't seem to mind! She swims her little heart out then gets out of the water with Blue lips and just a shaking from head to toe!!! She has 2 more classes left! So a total of 6 private swim classes for 45mins 2 times a week for $100 at the community leisure center (palo pool)! So proud of my Big girl!! I just love how determined she is!! Once her mind is set at it she will get it done!! We love you Penny pie!!

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lauren said...

her teacher looks nice!