Monday, April 20, 2015

Fair Fun!!

 Oh the Logandale Fair!! We love going out and camping with our trailer for the whole weekend every year! It's the best times! Such beautiful weather with beautiful people! haha! We love getting all dressed up in our best Western wear all weekend long!! Penny and Cash both loved the Rodeo so much this year!! Penny was loving all the Rodeo Queens! She would wave and wave at them as they would go by on their horse!! Cash loved all the Animals and loved all the Music! He was fist pumping and dancing to the beats making animal sounds!! Just love these too sugars of mine! :)
 Fun action shots from all the carnival rides while we were out there both days! This is my most favorite part of the fair!! I love the rides! I get an all day pass just like my kids! haha! and we ride pretty much all day with a few food and treat stops in between, naps and the rodeo then it's time to shut the fair down by riding the rides until they close!! That's right...both days after the rodeo Penny, Chance and I would head out for the rides and ride the rides until they stopped letting people on! It was so awesome!! We had a blast!
 My 5yr old nephew Mav did the mutton bustin again this year!! He rocked it! He took 2nd place! He's one tough little boy to go out there and ride those crazy, stinky, dirty sheep! haha! We were so proud of him!! We sure hope he rides the sheep next year!! This has been such a fun tradition that we have done starting with Chance when he was 5yr! He is now 9yr!
It's hard to beat a fair weekend specially with the weather being so good, the kids being good, and the food that's so good....can't wait until next year!!

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lauren said...

such great pics!! loved being out there with you guys! it was sooo fun