Saturday, April 18, 2015

Full of Life Cashy Boy!!!

This guy..........need I say anymore!! He's getting more busy, more stubborn and more naughty each day!!! Our Cashy boy just turned 20mons!! Let's just say this last month he discovered "Time Out"....and quite regularly!! Half the time I don't even have to say "go sit on your bench! (that's his time out spot)" I just give him a look and he goes walking with his head hanging low!! It's hard not to smile and laugh but I can't I have to stay stern and stay on him because boy does he know how to work the system at such a young age! haha! Seriously Penny would have never thought of doing the things he does at his age! hahaha! Not really sure if he gets what "NO" means because he does the complete opposite! By this age Penny was scared of us and if you told her "no" she would never go back to it!! Seriously the best listener!!! This little boy....I mean all boy is a little Chad!! and those that know his daddy know I'm in for some trouble!! haha! He sure does keep us on our toes!! Keeps life exciting if you look at it that way! haha! and we wouldn't change him for the world!! Here's a little more about him this month.....He's talking way more and putting words together that making some sense! He says "here you go", "all done", "helpa" (for help),  "juice peeeesssse", "ding-dong", and "Emma" (my little niece)! He Loves to Fist Pump when he hears the beats! He loves to "pound it" with his fist! In fact he will hold his arm out with his little fist to pound it forever until you pound it! haha! He's just the best! He's totally obsessed with our phones, ipads, and old iphones! He loves to watch videos and gets crazed if you don't give him the phone ect! He thinks he's as big as Penny! We sure do love our full of personality, sassy (as penny would say), crazy, silly, all BOY Cash!!!

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lauren said...

love him!! and that car