Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best Christmas Breakfast!

 It's tradition to go to my mother-n-law's house on Christmas morning for the best breakfast of your life! Seriously the best breakfast ever!! It's so fun to get together with all Chad's siblings! We do our gift exchange and just relax and talk all together! It's a highlight for both/Chad and I to do this each year!
These pics are from when we were opening presents from each other! I'm truly blessed to have married into to such an amazing, loving, giving, and caring family! We love this tradition and can't wait till next year! Thank you and we love you!

The Merriest Christmas ever!

 Merry Christmas everyone! Boy oh boy was Santa good to us this year!!
Top collage is when the kids first came out! Penny ran straight to her stocking in excitement and of course Cash followed right along!! Then it was time to see if Santa came.....
 and of course Santa came and he spoiled our kids!! This collage is from when they went running down the hall and spotted what Santa brought them!! Penny squealed out and Cash kept saying "ohhhhh!" "me?" "mine" hahaha! Their reactions were priceless!! Best day ever!!
Then it was onto unwrapping presents!! Oh boy did we all get some fun surprises!! Kids were hyped!! Seriously love seeing their reaction and excitement on their faces!! So much joy to my heart!! Love these 2!! and love spoiling them!!
Here's Cash's final spread!!!
 and here's Penny's final spread!! A Christmas success I'd say!! So much to be thankful for!!  Best day Ever!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Merry Christmas Eve!!

Such a fun quick trip to see my sister and her sweetest family on Christmas Eve!! These 4 just play and play and play! I was lucky enough to get my hair done by the best!! Just love how she always takes such good care of me! Even Cashy got a fresh cut for Christmas! Let's just say we were all looking ON for Christmas! Hahaha! Sure loved our quick trip to Utah!  Thank you little Eryka for always taking such great care of us! We love you!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Fun at Dad & Janeen's!

 Lot's of Christmas fun over at my dad and Janeen's!! Janeen always puts on a great Christmas dinner and tons of desserts too! So much food and treats!!! Grandma Janeen and Grandpa John always go out of their way to spoil all the grand kids!!! This year to add to the fun Grandma Janeen planned a cute little Christmas play of the true meaning of Christmas with all the grand kids in it! Complete with a stable backdrop and costumes for all!! So fun!
These are the cute pics from their little play they performed! Such a great night together! Thank you Grandma Janeen and Grandpa John! We love you both so much!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Our Big Star!!

 Oh  how we love Singer's Company! Oh how Penny's just Loves to sing, dance and put on a show! Oh how we love to watch her perform her little heart out! She had 3 Christmas performances this year!! and boy did she dance and sing her little butt off each night!! Proud parents over here! She seriously is a hoot to watch!! Just love her so much!! This top collage is from her very 1st performance at the retirement home!! These sweet elderly people just love these girls and love watching them perform!!
This collage is after she performed at the retirement home!! Penny and Cash just love these sweet ladies! This is Penny's 3rd year in Singer's Company! She and I both loved having Penny's little cousin Tayven joined and Penny's little friend, Olivia joined! You can spot this trio together in most these pics! So much fun!!!!
These are from her 2nd performance out at Town Square! It was a bit chilly and sweet Mrs. Brittany got all the girls scarves and gloves to perform in!! So sweet and Penny just loved accessorizing before the big show! haha!!!
 This collage is also from Town square!! Both grandpas were able to come out to this show!!! Penny just loves looking out in the crowd to see who came out to watch her sing!
 Last but not least these pics are from her 3rd and final performance! The friends and family night!! She really rocked it this night!!
Penny just loves looking out in the crowd to see who came out to watch her sing! Thanks to all who came out to all the different shows!! We sure love you all!

Penny's Class Party!

The cutest group of little kids yet!! I was lucky to get to volunteer in Penny's kindergarten class for her Christmas Party!! Penny sure loves when I'm in there helping out! It sure makes my heart happy! I hope she never changes about that!! She's my biggest fan!! haha! She has had so much Fun in her class! Has made so many new and amazing little friends! She just loves her teacher Mrs. Fisher and we are super sad to see her go!! However we are so excited for her new teacher Mrs. Marx! We grew up together and I've gotten to do her makeup for some special events as well! YAY!! Cant' wait for Penny to have her as her teacher!! 

Magical Forrest Fun!

So I have been so sick with pneumonia for a few weeks now and haven't been out of the house to take my kids to do anything Christmasy!! My mother-n-law has been wanting to go to the Magical Forrest and take the grand kids for a few weeks now! So I decided to break out of the house and take the kids and go with Grandma! We all had blast! Cash loved the Choo-choo train ride through the Forrest of lights and Penny loved it all!! While we were there we even got to see Santa!! YAY!! He was the sweetest best Santa!!! Penny had fun talking to him and Cash was a bit of a hot mess!! They wouldn't let me take any pictures so that's why it's not in the collage!! Such a beautiful night!! So fun to get out and feel the Christmas spirit! Thanks Grandma Deedee!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Family Pics On Point!

DeeDee and Fadi hired an amazing photographer to take our big family pics! Turns out I worked with the photographer Natalee at MAC years ago! So crazy! Such a small world! Well she did beautiful work and captured such amazing shots! The top collage are the ones i fell in love with of my sweet little family!
This collage of pics are the ones my wonderful Dr. of everything sister, Eryn took of us! I had her meet us out at our location to take a few of us! She's brilliant! Love what she captured as well! So happy with our family pics this year!!
This last collage are the pics from Natalee's photos of our big family group shots! Love this family and blessed to have married into it! I'm one lucky girl! Just  look at all these beautiful faces! Thank you so much DeeDee and Fadi for getting us all together and paying for such wonderful beautiful pics! We love you so much and so appreciate everything you do for us!