Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Family Pics On Point!

DeeDee and Fadi hired an amazing photographer to take our big family pics! Turns out I worked with the photographer Natalee at MAC years ago! So crazy! Such a small world! Well she did beautiful work and captured such amazing shots! The top collage are the ones i fell in love with of my sweet little family!
This collage of pics are the ones my wonderful Dr. of everything sister, Eryn took of us! I had her meet us out at our location to take a few of us! She's brilliant! Love what she captured as well! So happy with our family pics this year!!
This last collage are the pics from Natalee's photos of our big family group shots! Love this family and blessed to have married into it! I'm one lucky girl! Just  look at all these beautiful faces! Thank you so much DeeDee and Fadi for getting us all together and paying for such wonderful beautiful pics! We love you so much and so appreciate everything you do for us!

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