Sunday, December 20, 2015

Our Big Star!!

 Oh  how we love Singer's Company! Oh how Penny's just Loves to sing, dance and put on a show! Oh how we love to watch her perform her little heart out! She had 3 Christmas performances this year!! and boy did she dance and sing her little butt off each night!! Proud parents over here! She seriously is a hoot to watch!! Just love her so much!! This top collage is from her very 1st performance at the retirement home!! These sweet elderly people just love these girls and love watching them perform!!
This collage is after she performed at the retirement home!! Penny and Cash just love these sweet ladies! This is Penny's 3rd year in Singer's Company! She and I both loved having Penny's little cousin Tayven joined and Penny's little friend, Olivia joined! You can spot this trio together in most these pics! So much fun!!!!
These are from her 2nd performance out at Town Square! It was a bit chilly and sweet Mrs. Brittany got all the girls scarves and gloves to perform in!! So sweet and Penny just loved accessorizing before the big show! haha!!!
 This collage is also from Town square!! Both grandpas were able to come out to this show!!! Penny just loves looking out in the crowd to see who came out to watch her sing!
 Last but not least these pics are from her 3rd and final performance! The friends and family night!! She really rocked it this night!!
Penny just loves looking out in the crowd to see who came out to watch her sing! Thanks to all who came out to all the different shows!! We sure love you all!

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cutest little penny