Sunday, July 23, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday Pretty Penny!

Look who had a Birthday!!! Happy 7th Birthday Pretty Penny! Can't believe my #1 is already 7! Where has the time gone by! She is such a wonderful daughter! She's a  leader, a helper, a good friend, sassy but sweet, loving, courageous, happy, outgoing personality, honest, chooses the right, and always kind! We are so lucky she was sent to our home! Such a sweet spirit! She makes us proud every day!
 For her 7th Birthday this year we took a family trip to Otter Creek to go fishing! She loved being around her cousins on her Birthday! She had such a fun day and weekend! She got to open presents through out the whole day leading up to her big birthday surprises! She picked out her musical note cake because she said it reminded her of Grandma Penny in Heaven! Penny is so special she is always thinking and talking about her Grandma Penny in heaven! She has never met her on earth but I strongly believe that my mom, Grandma Penny watched over her and took care of her while in Heaven!
Chad sure had fun taking the kids fishing! He rented a boat for the weekend while we were up there to fish from! He took the kids and cousins so many times out on the boat!! and So many fish were caught this weekend! You would drop your pole in and a fish would be biting at your line! So fun!! The kids had a blast! Thanks to all who made our Penny girl feel so special on her Birthday! 7 years old never Looked so Good! We love you Big Girl! You are beautiful inside and out!

Bulloch Family Reunion!

 Making Memories at the Bulloch family Reunion! We had such a wonderful time at Chad's family reunion! We just Love sitting around and talking and catching up! We didn't see our kids much! lol They had a blast playing non- stop with their cousins! Chad has such an amazing big family! I'm lucky to be apart of such a beautiful legacy!
Here are the highlights! Chad once again made amazing shirts! He nailed it this year with all her creativity! He's the best!! Penny loved craft time with Grandma DeeDee! Cash loved when Uncle Troy took him flying over Panaca! Chad was on fire during their annual baseball games! Home run after home run after home run! and I loved the auction! Penny performed and that just made her  momma proud!

Fun Discovery Museum!!

We have had such a Fun Summer! Recently Eryka and her family came down and we all met up at the Discovery Museum! It's been years since i have been here! In fact Cash was a baby when we were last there!  lol! and boy did we have FUN! The kids didn't stop playing! Going from room to room exploring and playing with everything! It's such an amazing place! We can't wait to get back!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful 4th! We enjoyed the weekend thru Monday in Cedar City with Chad's Family! Chad and Cash went up the mountain and stayed with more family at the cabins while I stayed in Cedar with the baby and Penny! We had such a relaxing fun time!! Then on the 4th we went to our wonderful friends house for yummy food, swimming and amazing Fireworks! It was wild!!! So much fun! We love making memories! This was little Piper's first 4th of July! She was not scared at all by the fireworks and we were way to close to them as they were going off! lol! She would just watch them go up in the air breaking her neck trying to follow them up! so adorable! She the best baby ever! We had a wonderful holiday!
These are the pics from our Cedar City and Mountain weekend with family!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Baby Piper is 6mons!

 Baby Piper hit 6mons!! So  from 5-6mons she has been busy growing! She still  loves her feet and noe has found her toes and sucks on them! it's the funniest thing! my 2 big kids never did this!! She's our Happy Smily baby! She jibber-jabbers and giggles all day long! She's such a sweet baby! She loves finding her self in the mirror and loves watching her brother and sister play! She will giggle watching them! She started eating rice with a spoon and a sippy cup with water! She wasn't to sure about the rice or the sippy cup once the water hit her mouth! She just loves her jumper and loves being the swimming pool! We are justing loving our Piper Rae so much!! Such a happy fun baby!!