Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fun!! Fair!! Rodeo!!

 The Clark County Fair out in Logandale did not disappoint! We had a blast the whole weekend! As tradition we bring our trailer out and camp in it the whole weekend! We love doing this so we can put Cash down for naps get out of the rain!!! Yes it rained quite a bit while we were out playing!! All an all we had a wonderful time! One of our most favorite traditions!!
 Here's the fun action shots from riding all the rides! By far my most favorite thing to do!! Love the carni rides!!!! So does Panny and Cash! This year Cash was tall enough to ride!! and boy did he have a Blast!!!
Yee-Haw!!! Rodeo here we come!! These are the pics we captured at the rodeo! The first night was perfect weather!! Second night not so much! Pretty much rained the whole rodeo! We stayed as long as we could!! The kids and myself were over the rain!! haha! However, Cash was so into the rodeo this year! He loved watching the animals!! and Penny of course loved the rodeo Queen!! She said she's going to be one someday!! :) On a side note my mom was a Rodeo Queen back in her day!! How awesome is that!!! The Rodeo is always such a good time!!!
Each night after the rodeo a few of us in our group would head back out to shut the Carnival down!! Best time to ride the rides!! No one is out that no lines!! Plus that's when I start getting real Hot on the carni Games!! haha! Who knew I could really play the games and WIN! I sure didn't! I was cleaning them  out... winning on the first try!!! haha! Had so much fun!! Screaming and laughing! Almost peeing my pants with joy and excitement for my Big Wins! hahaha! The Carni's were getting a kick out of me! So fun!! Me kids were also excited for all the Fun surprises they would wake up too!! haha!
Another Fun filled Fair time of memories!! Can't wait till next year!!!