Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Beautiful Lake Powell!!

Oh the Beautiful Lake Powell!! It's been a few years since we have gotten to go there and oh my how lovely it is! Chad got our amazing boat up and running perfectly to get out there! We had such a blast! We were 1 of the 7 boats in our group out there! So much Fun in the Sun! Our babies loved going fast in the boat! Scared mommy a bit but man oh man did they love it when Daddy went fast!! haha!
Here are some fun action shot of wake boarding and surfing!
Such a lovely weekend!!! We can't wait to get back!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wet'n'Wild Fun!!

Birthday celebration will continue all month long! lol! This week we had some Fun in the Sun!! My honz was given 3 season passes to Wet'n'wild and we had to put them to use!! Oh how we love it there!! I even got on the water rides this time! haha Penny was tall enough this year to go on all the big rides but 2 of them so we had to ride on them together! haha  I usually just hang in the kiddie area all day with my kids but not this time!! haha I have never had so much fun! Still laughing about all the fun we had!!! Good times! Good times! Can't wait to get back there!!!

Big Birthday Bash!!

5 already!! Can't be possible!! My sweet, sassy full of personality Penny is 5yrs old!!! She is the most loving, caring, thoughtful, smart, silly, goofy, over achiever, full of personality little girl!! She is beautiful inside and out! Chad and I ask ourselves all the time "how did we get to be so lucky to have her as our perfect daughter!!" She has always wanted to be bigger than she is but boy is she excited to be 5!!! She can't wait to go to school either! She loves to learn!! We are so proud of her everyday! Just love this miss personality plus!! Happy Birthday Penny Pie we sure love you tons!!
 These pics are all from Penny and Chad's Birthday party! I seriously have married the best man ever!! He lets Penny steel all his Birthday thunder! Such a great sport every year for their Party!! He really doesn't get a say..... haha! This year Penny wanted a Barbie party and that's exactly what they got!! Thanks honz for always being selfless!! Such an amazing quality you have!! Sure love my Birthday Boy! My honz turned 32!! and Penny of course as you read above turned the BIG 5!!
 Pinata fun at the party!! Penny was so excited this year because she did the wining crack and all the candy and toys fell out!!
 More pics from the party! Thank you all so much for coming every year! It wouldn't be the best and biggest pool party of the summer with out you!!! We sure love you all!!
 Boy was she spoiled by all of you!! She loved opening all her presents! She got so many fun and amazing surprises!! She was in awwwww the whole time!!! Thank you all for making her feel so loved and so special too!!
Cake time!! and yes my honz got his very own cake this year to make him feel special!! haha! However I failed in getting a picture of him by his very own cake!! AWWWWWW dang!!! I can't do it all!! hahaha! Sorry honz!! Like I said before it's pretty much all about Miss Penny pie! Thanks honz for always being such a great sport!! Happy, Happy Birthday to my 2 my most favorite people in the world!!! Sure Love you both the most!!

Family Picture Fun!

 Over the weekend was Penny's and Chad's Birthday party and every year I always like to get the kids dressed up and take their pics to mark that they are 1 year older!! So both these collages are from then! They turned out great!! I seriously can't get enough of my babies! They are perfection!! Just too many pics to choose from so here is what I could fit in these collages!!!

Look who's 23mons!!!

Look who's 23mons!! My baby is almost 2!! So Sad!!! Stop growing!!! He has kept on up with being the busy, naughty, stubborn boy that he usually is!! He loves to tease especially Penny! He's usually very happy just a busy getting into everything!! He's such a little stinker but at the same he can be my sweetest boy too!! He has gotten so many new teeth!! Since he has been on the late show with teeth they are all coming in at the same time!! He loves taking pictures and posing for the camera!! That makes mommy so happy!! Boy has he been talking more too! So many new words and using them in the right context too! We sure love our little whitey just like his momma!! Can't believe next month he will be 2!! Time is sure flying by when you're having fun!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th out Fishing!

We had the Happiest 4th of July out fishing! We took off for the holiday weekend to Otter Creek where we camped with our trailers and fished all weekend long! I don't do much of the fishing at all but my Honz sure loves to fish! He had a blast and caught quite a few!
It's always such a great time making memories with family!! Sure love you all!!