Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Look who's 23mons!!!

Look who's 23mons!! My baby is almost 2!! So Sad!!! Stop growing!!! He has kept on up with being the busy, naughty, stubborn boy that he usually is!! He loves to tease especially Penny! He's usually very happy just a busy getting into everything!! He's such a little stinker but at the same he can be my sweetest boy too!! He has gotten so many new teeth!! Since he has been on the late show with teeth they are all coming in at the same time!! He loves taking pictures and posing for the camera!! That makes mommy so happy!! Boy has he been talking more too! So many new words and using them in the right context too! We sure love our little whitey just like his momma!! Can't believe next month he will be 2!! Time is sure flying by when you're having fun!!

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