Sunday, February 7, 2010

Glamis Sand Dunes!

We took our sand dune adventures down to Glamis this weekend! Its an hour out of Blythe, CA and about 30mins to Mexico! These dunes are never ending and the boys loved it! It was jump after jump after jump and my hons never flew so far! It was some exciting times out there!
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A Fun Night Bowling!

When we are not at the sand dunes we're still keeping busy having fun! This was the first time Chance has been bowling and he loved it! He was trying to take everybodies turns! We couldn't keep him off the lanes! What a funny kid! Being with family is truley the best!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

We all love some action!!!

These are from are last trip out to the sand dunes! I'm loving my new camera I got from my hons for christmas! He truley is the best!!!
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Happy 95th Birthday Grandma!

We recently celebrated my Grandma's 95th Birthday up in Utah with all the family!
It was so great to be with grandma and all our cousins! We had a blast catching up on all the new babies that are coming this year! Grandma has 5 new great grand babies coming! She is so excited and so are we! And I just can't get enough of my 3 beautiful nephews! Will Chad and I have the first girl???or will it be a boy that will fit right in with these 3??? We get to find out March 12th! Counting down the days! So exciting!
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Holiday re-cap 2009!

Christmas Eve with Chad's Family!

Merry Christmas with my family!

Happy New Year's at the sand dunes with the fam!

Sorry friends! I'm just a little behind schedule! And these pics are too cute to be lost in time!
To update you on some exciting news my sister Eryka had her baby boy on 12-12! They named him Zane Mckay weighing in at 7lb15oz and 20 in long! He is so beautiful! Just perfect! If u look closely on the christmas day pics you will see what I'm talking about! Beautiful!! To top it all off Chad and I are having our first baby due Aug 2nd! I'm in my 15th wk! We are so excited and can't wait to get this sweet pea here!
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