Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day Fun!

Christmas day is always a busy day visiting family! but we love it and wouldn't change our day for anything! We got up the kids saw what Santa brought them! We did our little Christmas fun at our house opening presents and seeing their priceless faces as they opened each surprise! Then it was off to Grandma DeeDee's and Grandpa Fadi's for our breakfast tradition! We love being around family! Had a wonderful time! We spent most the day there! Kids played with their cousins, we talked and laughed and then we all watched trolls! Then it was off to Grandpa Jeff's and Grammy Vicki's for amazing yummy dinner! It was like Thanksgiving all over again! So good! We had a great time visiting and laughing! Our sweet little kids were so good as we went from house to house gone all day! They couldn't wait to get home to play with all their new toys!! Such a wonderful blessed day! Merry Christmas!

The Merriest Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!! It's been a busy December with Penny's performances, to Chad being slammed at work and for me going to too many baby Dr. appts and here it is...Christmas has come and gone so fast! We had a wonderful  day!! These two cuties must have been good all year! Boy were they spoiled with so many  fun surprises! Evan Santa was way too good to them! :) So much to be grateful for! We are truly blessed!
Here's sweet little Penny with her Santa surprises and candids opening her presents! She's such a sweet little girl! So sensitive and giving to others!  Such a great big sister!
and here's wild little Cash's surprises from  Santa and candids of him opening his  presents! He's such a wild child all boy and can  be so sweet just loving on you an giving you kisses! He must tell us a hundred times a day "I love you momma!" "I love you daddy!" A tender soul with an aggressive wild streak! lol
Just a little update on Piper Rae! We will be ringing in the New Year with our new sweet baby girl! Her c-section date is sched for Tues Jan 3, 2017!! We can't wait to get her here!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our Little Singing Star!

Oh how we love this time of year! It's a busy time of year but so fun when we get to see our little diva perform! No better way to get you in the Christmas spirit than to watch Penny perform Christmas Songs! She had 3 Christmas Performances with the Singer's Company! We sure love Singer's Company! It's been such a fun thing that Penny has been a  part of since she was 3yrs old! She just loves it!
The top 2 collages are from her 1st Christmas performance down at Town Square! Santa even came out and watched them perform!!
The next 2 collages are from her 2nd performance at the Retirement home! It's tradition they perform there!! They sure do loves the girls!
These last 2 collages is from her 3rd and final performance for the Christmas season! They sang for their family and friends! Penny sure comes alive when she gets up on stage!! We sure love watching her perform! Makes me so proud to be her mom! 
Thanks to  all our family that came out and watched her at all her different performances! She sure loves looking out in the crowd and seeing all the people that love her! Thank you for loving her! Merry Christmas!

Penny's Christmas Performance at School!

Penny and all the 1st graders put a cute little Christmas singing performance! Penny loves to be on stage and perform! She also loves going to school with her cousins! I love it too!

Christmas at Dad's!

We love getting together with family! Last Saturday we enjoyed a lovely day with my dad and my siblings! Always great food and much laughter! We sure love you daddy! Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

So much fun seeing Santa! We love Santa!!! This Cash's was first year he didn't cry sitting up on Santa's lap! The kids were both so excited! Cash told Santa he wanted a Big Bike, Big Lego and Big Gun! Penny asked for an American  Girl Doll! We went down to the Opportunity Village to see Santa and all the lights! So much to do when you're there! Such a great way to get us into the Christmas spirit! It's become a tradition  we do with Chad's mom and family! So much Fun!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be Thankful for!! We had a wonderful time up at my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim's house! We love going to Utah for Thanksgiving to see my family! The kids had a blast playing with their cousins! Cash didn't leave Uncle Jim's side helping out on the farm! He's such a helper! I had blast laughing with my cousins! Chad brought all the toys so the big kids could ride! We had a wonderful day! Thanks for feeding us! We will be back next year! :)
On Friday morning we headed over to Panaca to see Chad's family! Oh what fun we had there! Chad helped in the yard! Cash and Penny had a blast playing and I sat around working on my Christmas cards and visiting! Another wonderful day! We sure have a great time with Chad's fam! Amazing food as always even out of town! We left Saturday morning and Penny was lucky enough to get to stay with Grandma and the rest of the fam until  Sunday! She had a blast! Didn't stop making crafts and playing with her cousins! She woke up Sunday morning to Snow! We missed it but she sure got to play and play in it! She was so  excited!! Again so much to be thankful for! Such a wonderful relaxing holiday weekend! We sure love our family!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

What an Accomplishment!

Words can not express how proud I am of my sister! She recently ran and completed her very first Marathon! 26.2 Miles! Man i don't even think I could even do the 2 out of the 26.2 miles! Her hard work, determination, and dedication amazes me! She seriously can do anything and everything! We had such a fun night spotting her and Joanna at all the different mile markers! We wanted to give them something to look forward to as they came up to the next mile! They never knew where they would spot us next and that's what kept them going! 26.2 miles is a long time to run! We had a blast! The kids would get so excited to see them running by! We would then hop  in our car and Chad would map out what mile marker we should head next! So much fun! Love these Aunties! They are the most amazing! Such an inspiration! We are so proud of you girls!!! You did it!!!

Duning it Up!!

We finally got out to the dunes for our 1st trip of the season!! Oh what an amazing time we had!! The perfect trailer!!! Great weather! and of course great company! love being with our family!! Penny's little razor didn't stop the whole weekend! She had a blast and so did all the kids riding!! She such a good little driver too! We can't wait to get back!!! We love our dune life!

Fun things Happening for Penny!

Oh man 1st grade has been a busy start for all of us!! For me it's been an eye opener balancing everything i do from working to being mom and wife to sitting down and working with her on all her homework, sight words, and reading and projects! I didn't realize the time it takes to really work  with her on these things and how much needs to be done at home for her to excel! Well boy do  we have it down now! We have our systems and she has been doing awesome! I'm so proud of her! The sight words and reading have been a challenge for us! but she is getting it and got an award for reaching her AR reading goal! So proud! Working hard pays off! She is so amazing! Love the determination she has!

Also at school all the 1st graders put on the cutest Thanksgiving Program! Of course Penny sang her little heart out! She did amazing on her speaking part! Just love my little performer!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from the cutest Rae and Chewbacca ever!! These 2 just melt my heart!! So honored to be their mommy!! This is the 3rd year they have wanted to match each other! Love it!! So proud!! Seriously they are so  I can't stand it! lol!
Had such a Blast at our friends neighborhood- Rosemary and Shannon's!! Wow is their neighborhood Amazing! The housees were all decked out with herds of kids walking the streets! My cute little Rae and Chewy had such a blast being with their cousins!! SO much fun!! Thanks for letting us Trick or Treat your streets! We had a blast and will be back next year! Can't wait!!!

Cash's Pre-K Halloween Party!

Cash was so  excited when it was his turn to have a party at his school!! He was so excited to dress up and show all his friends his Chewbacca costume! Love him!!! Mrs. Alex is the best! Cash just loves her and loves feeling like he's big and goes to school like Penny! Such a fun day for him!! Love you Chewy!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

San Diego Fun!!

 One of our most Fun trips of the year! Our annual San Diego Trip! We also go down in  October when kids are FREE! Baby Piper isn't going to slow me down! Because of her and my surgery on my cervix I can't stand or walk for very long! So my honz got me a Jazzy for both days!! lol! We do anything to keep her in there!! We had such a blast! The kids are getting bigger and love it more each year we go! On Friday we went to Sea World! Beautiful weather! So much Fun! For those that don't know this it is Shamu's last year in  San Diego! So of course we had to go see the show one last time! It's chilling! We love Shamu!

 On Saturday we headed to the Zoo! Of course I'm in a jazzy again! lol but worth it! Anything for Baby Piper! The zoo is seriously the best! You just never know what those amazing animals are going to do!! So funny! the perfect weather! The perfect day! Can't wait to get back next year!! We will have an extra child by then! Yay!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Duck Creek Riding!

We had a fun little get way up to the mountains! We went to Duck Creek area and spent the weekend trail riding in the razor! Well i didn't get to ride since my surgery on my cervix! We have to keep baby Piper safe in there! But Chad and the kids had a blast trail riding! Penny is getting so good driving her mini razor!!! and Besides my honz getting a flat tire while riding! That made for some good times getting back to camp but all in all it's always fun getting away and spending time with family! We love camping in our new trailer!

More Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Another amazing time at the Boca Park pumpkin patch!! Like I said before we  love a good carnival and we love this time of year!! It's so fun to watch the the kids have so much fun!! Makes mt heart happy!! Love them so much!! Can't wait for the next pumpkin patch to hit up! :)

It's that time of year again!

It's family picture time!! I like to do new family pics for our Christmas card each year! The kids change so much in one year! I would say it was a success! These precious humans were so good!! Love it when all  the outfits come together and everybody is looking on! So much preparation goes into family pics!! haha! Thanks to our amazing bff's Kyle and Brittany our pics turned out great! Thank you! Thank you! Look for your Christmas card coming soon!

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

We love this time of year! and we love a good carnival! haha! We went to the Centennial pumpkin patch to kick off October! We were there the first day it opened! The kids had a blast and I had a blast watching them!! Bring on the fall!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Labor Day Beach FUN!

 We love our Beach times! It was a quick trip for Labor day weekend but that didn't stop  us from having a blast! Huntington was just perfect! and the kids ran wild! Such a great company with family and friends! It feels so good to get away!

Fun in the sun! Can't wait to get back!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cash's 1st day of Pre-School!

Well just like Penny! This bug boy wanted to go to school as well! So I put him in a pre-school at the community center down the street from us! I took  Penny here as well  when she was 3! So it was his time to start school!! and Mrs. Alex is his teacher! The same as when Penny went there! Yay! We love her!! Cash had the Best 1st day! Such a big boy! He went right in his class and didn't look  back! lol! He was so brave!! I was so proud of him!! He had his new school shoes on and his new Star Wars backpack! He was set to go!! We just love him so  much! He's got the silliest little personality! Go make us proud Cashy boy!!

Penny's 1st Day of 1st Grade!!

 And just like that she's off to 1st grade! Such a big girl! She has been so excited to be in 1st grade to be able to  go to  school all day! Play recess with the big kids and eat lunch at school and with big kids! She just makes us smile so big! She goes to Somerset Sky Pointe Academy! Her teacher is Mrs. Wilson and is loving her already so much as her teacher! Penny is such a happy girl! Just loves life!! She loves to learn, make new friends and just loves school so much! We are honored to be her parents! We love you Penny pie!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Birthday Babies!

 Happy 6th Birthday Penny!! Can't believe she is 6yrs old! Such a big girl! Way beyond her years! Everyday she makes us proud! Such a great girl! She's my sweetest, biggest heart, strong personality, loving, funny, silly girl!! She's the best big sister! Such a great leader and example to her little brother!
 These two have my heart eternity! They are the best of friends! Penny is always looking out for her little bother!
Happy 3rd Birthday Cashy boy! Such a big boy! Boy is he our busy boy! He keeps us on our toes! We love his energy and excitement for life! He's a lover and a fighter! lol! He loves to wrestle! and Such a tease! Strong willed and wild personality! We Love you so much!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Birthday Bash FUN!

 My Penny and Cash Birthday's are 2 wks apart so this year i decided to through their birthday parties together!! We had one big birthday bash of fun!! Penny turned 6 on July 21st and Cash will be 3 on Aug 11! Can't believe how fast the time goes!! Stop growing you 2!!
 Penny wanted a Shopkins Party and Cash wanted a Chewbacca Party! So i got 2 pinatas and had their cakes and cupcakes made in what they each wanted!!! We had a blast! All our family and  friends came out to celebrate!! Thank you for spoiling them and making them feel so special!
 Their birthday cakes and cupcakes!
Boy were they spoiled! The present opening got a little crazy but they had a blast and that's all that matters! Thanks again to all  our family and friends for coming out and partying with us! Thanks for making these 2 Birthday kids so happy!

Bulloch Family Reunion 2016!

 The Bulloch Family Reunion is always a hit! This year instead of going to Panaca we went up to Cedar City and spent the weekend up at the family ranch on Cedar mountain! It is so  beautiful and peaceful up in the mountains! But before we headed up  to the mountain we had to  get a mini Razor for the kids! We have been wanting one of these for Penny and Cash for a few years now. So since we got our new big trailer we can fit both the big razor and the mini razor! Yay! The perfect weekend to get it too!! That little Razor didn't stop going! Penny is such a great driver too!
 Of course my honz did our awesome shirts! The perfect color for the mountain! Safety orange!
 More fun pics from our weekend with family!
We love being with family making memories!!! We can't wait to get up on the mountain again!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Best Day Ever!!!

We are beyond Excited over here!!! So it's all true!! We are having baby #3!!! Due Jan 22, 2017!!  We can't believe it!! I've been so sick and so tired just like when I was pregnant with the other 2!! Penny is so excited we are having a baby!! She's just a little mommy in the making and is the best big sister!!! Everyday she says please please please hope it's a baby girl!! lol!! I was hoping for the same thing!! Not because I don't love my little boy but deep down I have always wanted Penny to have a sister!! Boys can hold their own!! Girls rely on their mom or their sisters!!  I have always said if something ever happened to me like how my mom passed away so young I just always wanted a sister for Penny! Sisters are the best! Because my mom isn't here my sisters and I are so close! We rely on each other and call each other in times of need or just girl talk!! Most call their mom... I call my sisters!! With all that said that is why I have always wanted Penny to have a sister! I recently had to get blood work done to test for any genetic problems the baby could have! The blood work came back negative! Such a relief to know our baby is completely healthy!! Also in the blood work they can tell what the sex of the baby Wishes and Dreams came true!! We are having a GIRL!! Baby Sister is on her way!! Another Diva in the making!! We are all over the moon excited!! When they told us Chad and I both started to cry of happy tears!! Penny is going to get her Sister!! YAY!

This bottom collage is how we told the kids what the baby was! Boy??? or Girl?? They got to open the little present! Inside the outfit represented what the baby was!! Boy outfit?? or Girl outfit?? Penny did the honors and as you can see in her expression!!!! She was beyond excited!! We all squealed and cried!! We can't wait for baby sister to get here!! 

The Most Excting Day For Penny!!

It was a big day in our home when this happened!!! Penny finally lost her 1st Tooth!!! OMG!!!! Forever Penny has wanted a loose tooth! In fact ever since her oldest cousin Chance lost his first tooth she has wanted a loose tooth! Penny was 2yrs old at the time! and what seemed to be forever as the years have gone by everybody around her has lost teeth! In her pre-school class, in her kindergarten class, in her church class, and all her cousins her age have lost more than one tooth at this point and poor little Penny hadn't lost 1 tooth yet!! Now considering she got her 1st tooth at 15mons old I always told her that she would loose her teeth until later... like 9 yrs old because she got them in so late! haha!! Well the day had come!! She was eating a pickle and her top teeth hit her bottom teeth and she complained of her teeth really hurting! 20mins went by and she was still saying her lower teeth hurt! So I checked them out and low and behold the lower left central incisor was loose! We both screamed out in joy and excitement! From that moment she wouldn't keep her hands out of her mouth wiggling and wiggling her loose tooth!! The next day I worked and their babysitter Bailey had an ortho appt at my office and in walks Penny as proud as can be of her loose tooth!! She walked right up to Dr. Doug and told him I have a loose tooth and I'm tired of wiggling it can you just pull it out for me!! She brushed her teeth and helped her self to one of our ortho chairs and waited for Dr. Doug to come  over and pull it! As for me i didn't think she would really go through with it! But she is the bravest little girl i know! She was determined that tooth was coming out!!  With no numbing gell or shot Dr Doug wiggled out her very 1st loose tooth! She didn't even make a peep!! Who is this child!! I was such a whimp when it came to loosing teeth! haha! She just makes us so proud!! Penny was so excited to get it home and in her tooth pillow so the tooth fairy could come!! She woke up the next morning to find a $2 bill in her tooth pillow!! She was so excited!! She couldn't wait to get to the store to spend it!! Now that's my girl!! haha! Such a brave girl!! You make us so proud!! We love you!