Sunday, October 30, 2016

San Diego Fun!!

 One of our most Fun trips of the year! Our annual San Diego Trip! We also go down in  October when kids are FREE! Baby Piper isn't going to slow me down! Because of her and my surgery on my cervix I can't stand or walk for very long! So my honz got me a Jazzy for both days!! lol! We do anything to keep her in there!! We had such a blast! The kids are getting bigger and love it more each year we go! On Friday we went to Sea World! Beautiful weather! So much Fun! For those that don't know this it is Shamu's last year in  San Diego! So of course we had to go see the show one last time! It's chilling! We love Shamu!

 On Saturday we headed to the Zoo! Of course I'm in a jazzy again! lol but worth it! Anything for Baby Piper! The zoo is seriously the best! You just never know what those amazing animals are going to do!! So funny! the perfect weather! The perfect day! Can't wait to get back next year!! We will have an extra child by then! Yay!!

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lauren said...

wish we could have gone!! sea world will not be the same next year!