Sunday, July 10, 2016

Best Day Ever!!!

We are beyond Excited over here!!! So it's all true!! We are having baby #3!!! Due Jan 22, 2017!!  We can't believe it!! I've been so sick and so tired just like when I was pregnant with the other 2!! Penny is so excited we are having a baby!! She's just a little mommy in the making and is the best big sister!!! Everyday she says please please please hope it's a baby girl!! lol!! I was hoping for the same thing!! Not because I don't love my little boy but deep down I have always wanted Penny to have a sister!! Boys can hold their own!! Girls rely on their mom or their sisters!!  I have always said if something ever happened to me like how my mom passed away so young I just always wanted a sister for Penny! Sisters are the best! Because my mom isn't here my sisters and I are so close! We rely on each other and call each other in times of need or just girl talk!! Most call their mom... I call my sisters!! With all that said that is why I have always wanted Penny to have a sister! I recently had to get blood work done to test for any genetic problems the baby could have! The blood work came back negative! Such a relief to know our baby is completely healthy!! Also in the blood work they can tell what the sex of the baby Wishes and Dreams came true!! We are having a GIRL!! Baby Sister is on her way!! Another Diva in the making!! We are all over the moon excited!! When they told us Chad and I both started to cry of happy tears!! Penny is going to get her Sister!! YAY!

This bottom collage is how we told the kids what the baby was! Boy??? or Girl?? They got to open the little present! Inside the outfit represented what the baby was!! Boy outfit?? or Girl outfit?? Penny did the honors and as you can see in her expression!!!! She was beyond excited!! We all squealed and cried!! We can't wait for baby sister to get here!! 

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lauren said...

oh I just love it!!! so excited for you guys! cant wait for that sweet baby girl!