Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bulloch Family Reunion 2016!

 The Bulloch Family Reunion is always a hit! This year instead of going to Panaca we went up to Cedar City and spent the weekend up at the family ranch on Cedar mountain! It is so  beautiful and peaceful up in the mountains! But before we headed up  to the mountain we had to  get a mini Razor for the kids! We have been wanting one of these for Penny and Cash for a few years now. So since we got our new big trailer we can fit both the big razor and the mini razor! Yay! The perfect weekend to get it too!! That little Razor didn't stop going! Penny is such a great driver too!
 Of course my honz did our awesome shirts! The perfect color for the mountain! Safety orange!
 More fun pics from our weekend with family!
We love being with family making memories!!! We can't wait to get up on the mountain again!

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