Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Birthday Bash FUN!

 My Penny and Cash Birthday's are 2 wks apart so this year i decided to through their birthday parties together!! We had one big birthday bash of fun!! Penny turned 6 on July 21st and Cash will be 3 on Aug 11! Can't believe how fast the time goes!! Stop growing you 2!!
 Penny wanted a Shopkins Party and Cash wanted a Chewbacca Party! So i got 2 pinatas and had their cakes and cupcakes made in what they each wanted!!! We had a blast! All our family and  friends came out to celebrate!! Thank you for spoiling them and making them feel so special!
 Their birthday cakes and cupcakes!
Boy were they spoiled! The present opening got a little crazy but they had a blast and that's all that matters! Thanks again to all  our family and friends for coming out and partying with us! Thanks for making these 2 Birthday kids so happy!

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lauren said...

such a fun party!