Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Most Excting Day For Penny!!

It was a big day in our home when this happened!!! Penny finally lost her 1st Tooth!!! OMG!!!! Forever Penny has wanted a loose tooth! In fact ever since her oldest cousin Chance lost his first tooth she has wanted a loose tooth! Penny was 2yrs old at the time! and what seemed to be forever as the years have gone by everybody around her has lost teeth! In her pre-school class, in her kindergarten class, in her church class, and all her cousins her age have lost more than one tooth at this point and poor little Penny hadn't lost 1 tooth yet!! Now considering she got her 1st tooth at 15mons old I always told her that she would loose her teeth until later... like 9 yrs old because she got them in so late! haha!! Well the day had come!! She was eating a pickle and her top teeth hit her bottom teeth and she complained of her teeth really hurting! 20mins went by and she was still saying her lower teeth hurt! So I checked them out and low and behold the lower left central incisor was loose! We both screamed out in joy and excitement! From that moment she wouldn't keep her hands out of her mouth wiggling and wiggling her loose tooth!! The next day I worked and their babysitter Bailey had an ortho appt at my office and in walks Penny as proud as can be of her loose tooth!! She walked right up to Dr. Doug and told him I have a loose tooth and I'm tired of wiggling it can you just pull it out for me!! She brushed her teeth and helped her self to one of our ortho chairs and waited for Dr. Doug to come  over and pull it! As for me i didn't think she would really go through with it! But she is the bravest little girl i know! She was determined that tooth was coming out!!  With no numbing gell or shot Dr Doug wiggled out her very 1st loose tooth! She didn't even make a peep!! Who is this child!! I was such a whimp when it came to loosing teeth! haha! She just makes us so proud!! Penny was so excited to get it home and in her tooth pillow so the tooth fairy could come!! She woke up the next morning to find a $2 bill in her tooth pillow!! She was so excited!! She couldn't wait to get to the store to spend it!! Now that's my girl!! haha! Such a brave girl!! You make us so proud!! We love you!

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lauren said...

yay! such a big girl!