Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Merriest Christmas ever!

 Merry Christmas everyone! Boy oh boy was Santa good to us this year!!
Top collage is when the kids first came out! Penny ran straight to her stocking in excitement and of course Cash followed right along!! Then it was time to see if Santa came.....
 and of course Santa came and he spoiled our kids!! This collage is from when they went running down the hall and spotted what Santa brought them!! Penny squealed out and Cash kept saying "ohhhhh!" "me?" "mine" hahaha! Their reactions were priceless!! Best day ever!!
Then it was onto unwrapping presents!! Oh boy did we all get some fun surprises!! Kids were hyped!! Seriously love seeing their reaction and excitement on their faces!! So much joy to my heart!! Love these 2!! and love spoiling them!!
Here's Cash's final spread!!!
 and here's Penny's final spread!! A Christmas success I'd say!! So much to be thankful for!!  Best day Ever!!

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lauren said...

oh I love your and pennys jammies so adorable! looks like an amazing Christmas ps where did you get that blue bike thing for cash carter needs that!!!