Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be Thankful for! We are truly blessed! I'm so grateful for family and friends! This is what this time of year is all about! So For Thanksgiving we headed up to be with my sister and her family and all my extended family!! Our kids had a blast playing with all my cousins kids!! We only see my extended family about this time every year! It's so fun to catch up on life and see how big their kids are getting!! It's crazy how much changes in just 1 year! We spent most the day at my aunt and uncles house! Chad took all the cousins on rzr rides in his new turbo! They had a blast! Us ladies planned out our Black Friday shopping!! and before we  knew it it was time to shop!! This is my favorite part!! Chad is always so good to me and stays with the kids and gives me no limit of spending! haha He's so my match! To start I met up with some of our greatest friends that were up in Santa Clara as well visiting and we were off!! Then shortly after our first stop my sister met up with us! We shopped and shopped!! Found so many amazing deal!! Love getting all my Christmas done in 1 night! We spent the next day up there and went to the new movie "The Good Dinosaur!" It was so good! Such a sweet touching movie! At one point I was tearing up I look over to chad and he had tears in his eyes then looked down at Penny and she was even crying!! She really gets into the movies at her age! Now Cash on the other hand pretty much watch us watch the movie!! haha! He had more fun seeing our facial reactions than the movie! He's still a little too young! haha! All in all we had a wonderful family filled mini vacation!

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