Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Fun at Grandpa John & Grandma Janeen's House!

 You all know what time it is!!! It's the Money Easter Egg Hunt at my dad's house!! It's been an amazing tradition fro many years that my dad and Janeen take $400 cash and break it down into $20's, $10's, $5's and $1's and put it into eggs! Janeen hides over 200 eggs out in my dad's back yard and we all get to go on the hunt!!! It's a mad dash out the back door! Team Bierstedt came in 2nd place with a grand total of $87 dollars!!! Whoot! Whoot!!! Oh! Yeah! The Heatons took 1st place with over $100 dollars! :) It seriously is the funnest!! Such a great tradition! Thanks dad and Janeen for making it all happen!!
Even Baby Enya Grae got to come down and meet everyone and enjoy her very first Easter!! She was only 4 days old!! My sister Eryka had her 1st baby girl on Wed. April 1st! I still can't believe they came down to spend the day with us!! Such a trooper!! My sister is one tough girl!! Baby Enya Grae was born all natural weighing 8.3lbs and 22in long!! Eryka's biggest baby and she even came 3wks early too!! and yes you really read ALL Natural! My sister is no joke and Crazy! haha! I could never be that tough! No way!! She's so amazing and I'm so proud of her!! We are all so in love with Baby Enya! She is so gorgeous with just tons of thick black hair! The sweetest round face!! Just perfection! She's a beauty for sure! She looks so much like Eryka did when she was a baby!! Penny is absolutely obsessed with Baby Enya and she even calls her...."lil sissy!!"Awe! I just love it!!
After the Money Hunt it was time to swim!! My dad had heated up his pool!! A giant hot tub!! We spent the rest of the day swimming!! Got my Penny pie out of her water wings for the first time!! yay!! and she was swimming great!! As for my baby Cash we can't keep him out of the water!! He loves it!! He has no fear and that scares me.......
Such a lovely Happy Easter at my dad and Janeen's house!! Thank you for spoiling us and your grand kids! We love you Grandpa and Grandma!!

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lauren said...

what I didn't know she had her baby!!! she is darling!!! love that hair!! I love that fun tradition your dad does! im doing that when my kids are big!