Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Star Performer!!

Oh how we LOVE Singer's Company!! This is Penny's 2nd year in Singer's Company!! She just Loves it!! She has learned so much this last year!! She just loves to Sing, Dance and just Perform!! She's our BIG Star!! When she gets on that stage she just Shines!! We are so Proud of her!! We are her biggest fans!! Go Penny! Go!!
These are all of the cute little girls in Penny's class!! She loves going to singing practice to see all her little friends!! Penny also loves her teacher Mrs. Brittany!! Mrs. Brittany truly loves each of these girls so much and loves being their teacher!! She totally spoils these girls too!! I don't know how she does it...but she is so good getting all of these wild girls to learn all their songs and dance routines for their amazing performances!! We love you Mrs. Brittany! We will be back next year!! 
The next 4 collages are from her 1st end of year Performance and the Retirement Home! Penny rocked the house! haha! She's so fun to watch!! She's so animated and totally gets into every song she is performs! Just love her!! Makes us Smile so Big when we watch her up on stage!!
Performing "Getting to know You!"
Performing "It's a hard knock life!" She got to announce this song before they sang it!! She loved singing this one!! As you can tell she really was getting into it too!! haha!
Performing "Do Re Mi!" She had her little solo in this one!! She did amazing!!
Of course daddy always surprises her with flowers at the end of every show!! He's the best daddy!! and boy does that make her feel so special ! She loves it!!
The next 4 collage are from her 2nd performance! This is the last performance of the year for her friends and family!! Man did she ever put on a show for them!!! She's seriously the best!!
Performing "Getting to know You!"
They got to perform "It's a hard knock life!" twice for us!! We all loved their amazing show so much they did an encore for us!! haha!!!
Performing "Do Re Mi!" and of course she nailed her solo!!! :)
This pic collage is all our wonderful family that came out to support and watch our Penny girl!! Penny definitely put on the best performance for them! We were all so proud of her up there on stage!! We love you all and Thanks for making Penny feel so special!!

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