Saturday, May 9, 2015

Disneyland Fun!!!!

Here's the whole crew!! 28 of us were able to come out and play in Disneyland!! This is our 4th year in a row going together!! Chad's dad takes care of all the accommodations! Tickets, Rooms, and fun for the whole weekend!! We are so thankful for this fun memory not only for all of us to be together but to be able to go to Disneyland and California Adventure for the whole weekend!! Thanks Grandpa Jeff! and Thanks to my Honz for the Amazing Awesome Shirts!! We all love wearing the same color because it makes it so easy to spot each other in a crowd of people and we don't loose anyone this way either!! haha! So the 1st day out we were at Disneyland and we were Team Neon Turquoise!
Just love my little family!!! Penny was so excited to be at Disneyland and see the Princess Castle!!
You don't get a lot done with a group of 28 but we sure had a blast just taking our time walking around all of Disneyland!!
Of course I had a blast on all the rides!!! haha! Oh! and so did Penny and Cash!! I must say after Cash went on Pirates of the Caribbean he wasn't quite the same! haha! He would get very nervous as we would get on the ride with him but once we got on and the ride started he did not want to get off!! He would tell us to "go" and point for us to leave as he held himself on the ride not moving!! haha!
These pics are from the parade!! We had a blast!! Penny loved all the floats and characters!! and my Cashy loved all the music!! He was just a fist pumping to the beats! So awesome!! 1st day down and so Amazing!!
2nd day we were up bright and early wearing our brightest Neon Yellow all matching and headed to California Adventure! These pics are from our bus ride!! All 28 of us filled up our very own shuttle bus from the hotel to the park! We loved having our very own bus with just our family!! So fun!! Team Neon Yellow here we come!!! :)
1st stop was the new Frozen section to see Elsa, Anna and Olaf!! Wow that was the highlight for Penny for the whole weekend!! She loved seeing them and they were so cute with her!! Anna loved that Penny was wearing cowgirl boots that were matching hers!! The cutest!
Penny was so into seeing all the characters dressed up!! She loved it and would get so excited to have them sign her little book and get a picture with them!! Now Cash on the other hand...not so much! He was not having it for one second! He would just cry and yell "go!" and put his hand up trying to push the character away! Poor thing! Penny was the exact way at this age! For some crazy reason my babies just don't like the real life characters coming at them! hahaha!
We loved the rides over at California Adventure!! I think Penny and I had more fun at this park riding on the swings, the ferris wheel, goofy's roller coaster, jelly fish ride, little mermaid, bugs land, cars land and then riding them all a 2nd time and 3rd time!! It wasn't too crazy packed with people! That's always a plus!! Day 2 down and was such a blast! Such a wonderful tradition that Chad's dad does for all us!! Being with family making memories is what we love to do!! Can't wait until next year!!

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lauren said...

oh my word!! I want to go now so bad!!! I love that his dad does that for everyone how sweet and such good memories!! tell chad AWESOME shirts! and tell penny we are so jealous she got to see all the frozen characters! was it such a long line still?? miss you