Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Best Mother's Day!!

Oh my I just LOVE being momma to these 2 sweetest faces!! It's my biggest challenge everyday but my greatest joy!! It's a true blessing to be a mother! To always be in "mom mode" is hard to do some days!! There's pretty much no days off when you're a momma but I honestly wouldn't give it up or change anything about it!! My babies make me so proud to be their mommy!!! At Penny's school they had a mother's day program for all the mom's!! It was the most precious special little program ever! They learned and sang us the sweetest song!! Penny had been working on her "surprise' for me for well over a month in Mrs. McIntyre's class! The reason for the quotes around "surprise" is because of course I wasn't supposed to know about the surprise but she kept dropping hints about her special "surprise" she was making for me!! It was so funny!! She was so excited she couldn't help herself and kept saying "Mommy I can't tell you but... and then that's when she would give me the hint! hahaha! Oh I just love her!!! The cutest!! Back to the program....haha.... after they sang their cute little song about moms then Mrs. McIntyre read the cutest questionnaire that she asked each of the kids about their mom privately! When I sat there listening to what my Penny had said about me it brought tears to my eyes!! She knows her momma pretty dang well!! It made me proud to be her mommy!! I'm honored that both my sweet little spirits were sent to me and they call me "Mom!" 

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