Thursday, October 23, 2014

Family Picture Fun!!

A picture can say a thousand words!!! I thought it would be funny to share this photo with everyone!! Does anybody else out there feel like this on family picture day? haha! What is the deal with family pictures anyway! It takes all day to get the whole family ready! Your baby won't nap that day for some crazy reason because all you want is for him to just be happy and smile! Your oldest is to busy playing with everything around her that she keeps getting in trouble by you! Your husband is annoyed because all you want is just a few more pics! haha! Not to mention all the mental prepping for these dang family pics! You have been pinning about 500 hundred different pose options for the best one and about the same amount in outfit color options from Pinterest! Your sister that takes the best pics is only in town for 1 day before the Holiday season so this is your only chance to get your family pics for your Christmas card!! You have you hopes pretty high and not everybody comes to the photo shoot ready to perform! hahah! Oh the joys of family pics!! They are worth every memory! That picture above is just hilarious!
Needless to say....we still got some good ones! So all the planning was well worth it!! Thanks Eryn you're the best!! I just LOVE my little family!!!


lauren said...

I am in love with these!! so adorable you look amazing!! I am cracking up at that funny one! it si so true!!

lauren said...

ps I am loving your shirt I need one!