Monday, October 13, 2014

Picking Pumpkins!!

Now this was something we have never done before!!! Our best of friends the Johnson's invited us to go out to the Gilcrease Pumpkin Patch to pick Pumpkins! Chad and I were amazed at how many rows and rows of Pumpkins they had! We got to pick them right off the vine!! They had all different sizes too!! We couldn't believe it!! They had tons of other rows of vegetables and fruits that you could pick as well but we just went for the Pumpkins!! There were tons of people pretty busy! Chad said he wanted to grow pumpkins and sell them!!! haha because the amount of money that was being spent by us and all the other people was crazy!!! Our Biggest Pumpkin came in at 55lbs!!! Isn't that crazy!! We left there with a grand total of 6 Pumpkins!! haha! and this is why Chad said he wanted his own Pumpkin Patch! haha! Such a great time! Sure love this time of year!! There's nothing better than getting you in the fall spirit of things like a Huge Pumpkin Patch!! Thanks Johnson's! Count us in for next year when you guys go!

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lauren said...

so glad you guys came!! we love your family!! hopefully next year they have different pumpkins and change the whole walking thing!!