Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Sweetest Cashy Boy!!

So if you can believe it another month has come and gone! Our sweetest little Cashy boy is 14mons old!! He's just the best!! So many little expressions as you can see!! My favorite is his scrunch face!! He does that scrunch face when he's being silly, when he wants something, when he gets hurt, and when he's getting in trouble!! Like when I tell him "No, No not your business!" out comes that scrunch face! haha! Oh how he just makes us smile so big!! He LOVES his Blanky and Binky! I love it when I catch him sniffing his blanking!! All you can see are his eyes looking right at you! haha! I love it! Penny never did this with her blankies! She wasn't ever attached to any certain type of blanky either! Oh boy is little Cashy! He love his little blankies with the silky trim!! He loves to climb, climb, climb! He loves climbing into his tractor and car over and over again! He claps for himself when he does something great! It's just the cutest!! He blows kisses! Which is so sweet and he even tries to snap his little fingers! He loves to dance to the beat and sing to any tune! He Loves music! He can stand straight up to his feet from a sitting position with out holding onto anything! He has taken a about 3-4 steps with out holding on but then goes right down to his knees and crawls so fast! I feel like any day he's going to stand right up like he does and take off running on those 2 little feet! haha! He loves to be chased! He just gets the biggest kick out of it and starts giggling and squealing! He is such a little tease! He has got the best little personality! He stills loves to eat and is not picky at all! Anything you give him he will eat it up! He has his 2 bottom teeth in and no teeth on top yet!
We love watching him grow and see what's new that he can do everyday! We Love you Cashy!!

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lauren said...

love this sweetest boy!!