Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disneyland here we come!!!!

Oh my! What a special surprise we got!! My boss Dr. Griffiths took the whole office to Disneyland for our Christmas Party! Lucky for me...Chad and Penny got to come along too!! Seriously the best Christmas Present ever! We had a Blast!! If you notice the Hoodies we were all matching Dr. G had Chad make them for all to wear while we were at Disneyland! People were stopping us to ask where we got them! Great job Honz!!! 
This was the 1st time Penny has ever been to Disneyland!! It was the most Amazing to see Disneyland through her eyes!! It was so Magical! She had so much FUN! SHe would "ooo and ahhh" over everything! She kept squealing out with so much excitement for all the Characters! She loved all the rides too! Not afraid of anything! That's what made it so perfect!
We played and played all day! We did both parks in one day! Boy were we beat! That was way to much to do in just one day and on a Saturday! It was packed..body to body! So we will definitely be going back and I hope real soon! Little Penny was a trooper! Didn't make a fuss or a whine all day!
We were so Proud! 
So we are pretty sure the highlight of the whole adventure was when she got to see Buzz, Jessie, and Woody! Well 1st off she saw the Jessie Hat in the gift store and had to have it so we had just purchased it and when we walked out of the store there was Buzz! She had to go see him! Once Buzz was done then Jessie came out! She started yelling for the line "All a body hee who!" (yodale hee who!) over and over! As she got closer to her she said "Oh Bulls eye!" and then right before she gave her the biggest hug of her life she said "Ride em Cowgirl Boy!" She was quoting lines from the movie as fast as she could! Talk about a proud, chilling moment! Tears were in our eyes! To Penny here favorite friends came to life! Oh my! So precious! Then we hear that Woody is coming out next so we stayed in line and soon as Penny caught a glimpse of who was walking up she yelled "WOODY!" When it was her turn to see him she ran up to him almost knocking him down and gave him the biggest hug and didn't stop hugging him for what seemed like forever! One of the most priceless moments of our lives! We are truly blessed to have such a Happy, full a Personality Angel!
Thanks Dr. G for such a Wonderful memory!

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lauren said...

oh im cracking up at the toy story part! to sweet!maddie is looking at these pictures and loves them!! we need to go to!! maddie hasnt been yet she will love it!