Saturday, February 4, 2017

Baby Piper is 1 month old!

Seriously has already been a month?! Why does the time go so fast! I can't have my baby is getting big over here! lol! She's the sweetest! She's got her own little look! We can't figure it out! lol! Has Penny's hair color, eye color, and skin color with Cash's shaped face, nose and mouth! All we know is that she is perfect! Of course she has sick tummy like my other 2 as babies! She was moved to Alimentum aka: Liquid Gold when she was 2.5 wks old! She has been doing much better! Not as fussy but, still has acid reflex and cries out after feeding her arching her back like her tummy is hurting! Poor thing! All and all she is such a good baby! So precious and perfect!
 Penny and Cash sure can't get enough of her! Penny loves that she can pick her up and carry her around the house! She loves that she doesn't always have to sit with her! Such a big sister!! Cash is very protective of her! He loves holding her! He's so sweet with her! Love these big kids! Such loving helpful kids to Piper!!!
Sweet baby Piper Rae! We love you so  much! You are the perfect addition to our family! Sent straight from my mothers arms in heaven to me!

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