Thursday, February 13, 2014

Big Boy!!!

Please stop growing!! Our sweet little Cash just turned 6mons!!! Oh he melts our hearts!! He is the sweetest baby ever! I know I have said this before but he has held up to it!! He hardly ever cries!! In fact when he's wanting your attention or getting tired he blows bubbles over and over!! So sweet!  Then once you get him he starts a smiling!!  The cute sounds that come out of his mouth sound like a little dolphin! He's so smiley, and squealy, and giggly!! We are just loving him!! He still has his milk allergy! He gets to start eating foods now!! He's been loving his rice cereal!!  He's 17lbs and 27 1/2ins long! He's solid!! He's our blond hair, blue eyed boy that's for dang sure!! He LOVES his big sissy! She can be doing anything in front of him and he will smile and giggle at her!! So fun!! You are our whole world! We love you baby Cash!!!!

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