Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Fabulous 4th of July!!

Happy 4th!!! We had such a FabulousWonderful day!! The top collage is our little Penny all dolled up for the 4th!!! She Loves dressing up and posing for mommies camera!!! I LOVE that!!
In the morning we met up with my brother and my nephews to play at a splash pad and park! It was a beautiful day!! Lots of clouds!! Just perfect to be outside playing!!! I'm pretty sure the BIG kids (Chad and Ryan) had more fun than the little kids playing! So funny!

For the evening we headed over to Chad's mom for some homemade Pizza, Pasta Salad, Fruit and Cake!!! So much amazing food as always!!! Penny played with her favorite little cousin!! They are only a month apart! They are our little matching twins!! So dang cute!! Then we parked the truck over by the Aliante Casino and watched an Amazing Firework Show!! It was so Beautiful and Penny just loved them!!! She would get so excited when she saw the "Sparkles" in the sky!! She kept saying..."that's a big ole one!" She is just the funniest!!! We are just loving life!!!

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