Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun New Classes for Little Miss Penny!!!

Got to just LOVE this Crazy Sassy Girl!!! I can't believe she's old enough for pre-school!! She goes 2 times a week over at the community center! and she just LOVES it! She feels so BIG!! She came home with 4 different art papers she made! She was so PROUD!! Plus when we showed up to her class she pulls out of her backpack a picture she made for her New Teacher! So cute! I had no idea she was doing this!! She has been so excited to go to school!! Love her!! She just makes me so Happy and so Proud!! 
I also put her a Ballet and Tap Class! She goes every Tues to the same community center as her pre-school! She may not have the best coordination and rhythm but man was she having fun!! The best part about this class is there will be a recital at the end of the month!! Cant wait to see he perform!! I'm pretty sure she will be the little girl up there putting on her own show! haha! Can't wait!
These pics were just one day when she told me "mommy I look cute today...can you take my picture?" haha! Well of course I can!!! She's just too much for words! haha!


lauren said...

oh that penny is to cute! I love those classes at the community centers!!

ALICIA said...

What a doll!!! Love seeing your pics!!!