Monday, October 28, 2013

The Amazing San Diego!!

 Such a wonderful time in San Diego!! Always perfect weather for a perfect packed 2 days!! As soon as we hit San Diego we were at the Zoo!! Each year it gets more and more exciting for Penny!!! She loves the animals! She wants to take them all home with her! and I quickly reminded her that No animals are allowed at our home! :) Cash was a dream!! He hardly made a fuss all weekend! The best little baby ever! The top collage is from the zoo!
These pics are from Sea World!! The best day!! We love to watch all the shows!! and again Cash was just perfect!!! Penny on the other hand was a wild hot mess!! haha! Lot's a energy in her little body!! She had a blast!! She just Loves Shamu!! Such an amazing weekend!! Can't wait till next year!

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lauren said...

so fun!! wish we could have gone:( we love seaworld!!