Saturday, December 21, 2013

Penny's Singers Company Christmas Performances!

Penny has been loving her Singers Company class! She had her 1st Christmas Performances this week! She performed 1st at a Retirement home! She had so fun! The sweet little old people just loved it! When it was all over Penny went up to each little old person and gave them a hug! So cute!They were just loving her!
Her 2nd performance was at a church and they performed for their family and friends! She was loving her family out in the crowd! She didn't get shy at all seeing them out there....she was really putting on a show for them! It was awesome! In both performances she gave the opening line to start the show and sang the best little solo!! We were so proud of her!! It reminded me of when I used to perform on stage!! I loved it!! At the end daddy gave her some flowers and man was that the highlight of her night! Her face was priceless when he gave them to her! She hasn't stop talking about those flowers either! I am so happy to have found this amazing singing/dancing class! We love Miss Brittney! She truly is the best teacher!

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lauren said...

oh my gosh how adorable! you better invite us next time maddie would love that!!