Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Golden Boy Has Arrived!

Cash Eric has arrived! Our golden boy!! Cash was born on Sunday August 11, 2013 @ 10:26am! He came in weighing 6lbs and 19 1/2 inches long! The C-section went so fast! So here's the story! Those of you that have read my blog prior know that I have had a pretty long difficult pregnancy! I have been in and out of the hospital a few times for surgery on my cervix to low amniotic fluid. My Dr just wanted to get me to 36-37wks! My C-section was sched for Monday Aug 12th. (I would have just started my 37wk) So on Sunday Aug 11th she wanted to do the anmio fluid lung test on the baby! So I reported to the hospital! If the lungs were good we were going to proceed with the C-section in the morning! If they weren't then my Dr. was going to seeing if I could hold out for 1 more wk. (38wks) They did the fluid check 1st to see where they could extract the amniotic fluid to test the babies lungs. Well I didn't even have a 2cmm pocket of fluid in my whole belly! Poor baby Cash had no fluid to live in so my Dr. said "We are having a baby 1 hour!" Chad and I got hyped! We couldn't believe we were finally going to have our little boy! So Chad took off to meet my brother on the road to drop Penny to him! Penny stayed with my brother's family all wk while we were in the hospital. (thank you so much Ry and Em) Chad barley made it back before they walked us down to the surgery room! They got me all numbed up removed my stitch in my cervix. (I was dilated to a 4...thank goodness I had my stitch in and thank goodness I was having my C-section then. My Dr. did not want me to go into labor because of what happened with my cervix last time delivering Penny). And out came our Baby Cash just a Peeing and Screaming! His lungs were just fine! What a fast procedure having a C-section! Literally with in 10mins of being numb Cash was out! WOW! Then is was time to sew me up! and of course my uterus stops working and it was like jelly trying to stitch me back up! Every time they put the stitch in to close it the stitch would pull thru so they had to stitch me deeper in the uterus to keep it shut! Like it did with Penny...I started to bleed out but this time my Dr's were prepared to stay on top of things! She had a feeling my body was going to do this again like last time! But all is good now and she said I could even have another BABY! What? Really? 3 kids! Not so sure about that!! haha! I would be on bed rest as soon as I found out I was pregnant! and you know I wasn't so good at that bed rest sort a thing! haha 
This is a collage of most of our visitors that came down to the hospital! We have felt so much LOVE from everyone! Even the ones that didn't make to the hospital! We can't believe all the dinners and visits from family and friends! Thank you all so much! We are so excited to be a family of 4! It's been a little adjustment but wouldn't change it for anything! I LOVE being mom! Its the best blessing and miracle ever! We are truly blessed to have Baby Cash as ours! He's just Perfect! The best little baby ever...our Golden Boy!

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lauren said...

I love the birth story! I haven't heard poor thing having the worst pregnancies!