Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby Cash is almost here!!

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!! From the start to almost the end we have been so Excited to get our little BOY here!!! It's been a long hard pregnancy from being in and out of the hospital for low amniotic fluid to surgery on my cervix to pre-term labor! Oh my! but at the end of it all it's so worth it! We have had many ups and downs with this one for sure! I was put on pelvic rest since 14wks because of my weak cervix to a full bed rest at 24 wks!  I'm so blessed to even be able to have another baby since what happened to me during Penny's delivery! Se we are so Lucky and this little Boy is meant for our little family!! I've been monitoring 2-3 times a wk! So my Dr. and my specialist have a very close eye on me! We are 2-3wks away from my delivery! I'm having a C-section this time!! We can't wait to meet and hold our precious little Cash Eric!!!

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lauren said...

those ultrasounds are awesome!! I cant believe the flesh color ones!! cant wait to meet him sorry you have had such a rough pregnancy